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5 Common Mistakes New Parents Make

It’s okay. You are going to make mistakes as a parent, no matter how little or how much you know. The best thing to do to prepare for a new baby is acknowledge the mistakes that other parents have made and learn from them. Here are a five that you can avoid:

Crowded Public Places

Your baby is tiny and brand new. You may have obligations and events you want to attend but it’s not worth the risk, you don’t want a sick newborn. Stay home with your newborn for the first few weeks until your baby builds up his immune system. Avoid things like kid birthdays or crowded malls.

Sleeping Through the Night

Some parents get excited when their new born sleeps through the night, this isn’t a good thing at such a young age. A newborn may sleep through the night but you need to wake the child to feed them. Newborns need their nutrients about every 4 hours. If you let your baby sleep through the night it could cause her to develop jaundice and become sluggish making it harder for her to wake  up when she is hungry and need to bed fed. Check with your personal pediatrician to see when it is okay for them to sleep through the night.

Trust Your Instincts

You may not be an experienced parent and you may doubt yourself, but don’t deny your feelings. If you get a gut feeling that something needs to be done or something isn’t right, go with it. Investigate the feeling. Even if you end up being wrong it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ask for Help

If you are uncomfortable or not sure about something it is okay to ask for help. You are not supposed to know everything. Rely on someone in your family like your mother for advice and have your doctor on speed dial. Both of these two sources will expect phone calls and it’s perfectly normal and okay to do so.

Keeping Your Baby Indoors

The opposite of taking your newborn into a crowded place is keeping them indoors at all times. It is okay to venture out with your newborn. Just avoid crowds if you can. Try taking a small stroll around the block or stepping into a small and slow restaurant for a bite to eat. Going outside is good for the mother and aids in the prevention of potential post-partum depression.

Being a new parent is an amazing blessing to experience! It can be scary and rewarding at the same time. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Good luck and congratulations!

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Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of nanny services. Learn more about her here.


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