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Birthday Party Food

What do you serve at your baby’s birthday party? Depending on the crowd, the time of day, and what kind of party you are throwing your menu will vary. No matter what size it is, large or small, the food you serve doesn’t have to be tasteless.

Time of Day
What time of day are you having your party? If you are having a mid-morning party then food wise you won’t need much. Even for the guests coming, you could probably get buy with some danishes or croissants since it is between breakfast and lunch. If it is at lunch time you can have a deli tray, mini quiches or little finger sandwiches for everyone to eat. A vegetable tray is a nice addition to a lunchtime party as well. For a mid-afternoon party, try serving finger food snacks such as chicken wings and little taquitos. For a dinner party consider having a pot of chili or stew, or if the weather permits a barbeque outside with hamburgers and hotdogs. If there will be other toddlers at your party, consider having an assortment of your baby’s favorite foods handy for them too munch on if their parents are willing.

Who is Coming?
What is the main age range of the people coming to the party? You want to make sure you have food and beverages that are age appropriate for all your guests. If it is all toddlers you will want a menu of kid friendly food. If it is mostly adults it is ok to get a little more unique and experimental. Make sure you have plenty of food for everyone because it is much better to have leftovers and everyone happy than not have enough food and people looking for a snack.

Tying in the Theme
What kind of party are you throwing? When possible, if you can tie the theme of your party in to the food you serve people will think you are genius! For example, if you are throwing Sponge Bob or The Little Mermaid birthday parties have a menu of seafood. Fish sticks, small shrimp, or clam chowder on a cold day along with coleslaw and hushpuppies would make a great under the sea variety of food. If you are doing a Dora the Explorer or Diego party, have a menu of Mexican food whether it is taquitos, tacos or enchiladas.

Don’t expect everyone to sit down and eat unless you specifically tell them in advance that you are preparing a sit down meal. Prepare food that can be easily carried around and eaten standing up as parents will want to be able to mingle with others easily. This also keeps down the chance that parents will forget to keep an eye on their child while you are taking care of the birthday child.

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Denyse Pawlosky
7 years 19 days ago

I love every bit of it. I can’t believe how creative you were in such a short amount of time. Love the idea for the cakesimple but so cute!

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