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Gifts for Your Caregiver

Whether it is the holidays or your nanny’s birthday you will want to find the perfect gift to thank them for all they do. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be an occasion that you decide to do something nice for the person who looks after your child, it might just be that you found yourself with a little extra pocket change and you want to share it with the person who is helping to take care of the most important person in your world. What can you get for that special person in your child’s life? We have a lot of ideas for you!

gifts-for-your-caregiver.jpgThank You Letter
No matter what you give your child’s caregiver, you should always attach a special hand written note telling her how thankful you are that she is watching your baby. If your caregiver is at a center be sure that you give a copy to her boss so that her boss knows how great you think she is. If you have the inclination you can make it even more special by creating a card of your own, instead of buying one. Even if you don’t have the money to buy something fancy, spending a little bit of your time to give your caregiver an impromptu note of thanks will mean the world to them.

Gift Certificates
Let her treat herself! Give her a certificate to get a pedicure, a manicure, a facial or even a new hair do! Give her a day at a spa or a relaxing massage. Remember she works hard and probably has very little time to pamper herself. The money you pay her probably goes to bills and her family, so give her a treat that she has to spend on only her.

Free Meals
No, not one you make yourself, but a gift card to a restaurant or a collection of restaurants that your caregiver can choose from. Make sure you include enough that she can take her husband or a friend with her and enjoy a night out on you!

Bath Goodies
Bubble bath, shower gel and lotion are always a big hit with women. Most women love to sit in a bath and relax after a long day and being able to sit in a bath that smells good will make her day. There are so many options in terms of scents that you are sure to find one that she will like.

Coffee and Tea
If your caregiver is a coffee or tea drinker, get her a gift set that may include a new mug with an inspirational message or a mug that is decorated by your child. If it doesn’t come with it include some specialty cookies or biscuits that she can enjoy in the morning before she begins her day.

Handmade Gift from Your Child
If your child is old enough, sit down with them one weekend and help them make a handmade gift for your caregiver. It might be a thank you card, a mug to go along with the tea and coffee, or even a decorated picture frame that you can leave empty or insert with a picture of your caregiver and child. This special handmade and homemade gift from you and your child will probably mean more to your caregiver than anything you could buy for her at the store.

The options for gifts you can give to your child’s caregiver are endless, but giving a gift whether it is for an occasion or out of the blue is always a good idea. After all a caregiver who feels appreciated is probably a happy caregiver and a happy caregiver means that you will have a happy child who is well taken care of.

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