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Introducing Your Child to Your New Baby

You probably remember the ease of your first baby. It was you and your partner, bringing home your newborn son or daughter and starting a new life with just the three of you. You had extended family, but the bonding that occurred was simple, problem free. However, now that you are having another baby you may be feeling some discontent from your previous child or children, or you may be worried about how they will react once the baby is born.

introducing-your-child-to-your-new-baby.jpgKids have different opinions and reactions when their parents tell them that they are going to have a new baby brother or sister. Some kids are very excited, others get scared or act out at the prospect of having to share you with another child. Whether your children are excited or not, there are ways to make the transition smoother.

Depending on the age of your other children, you may want to have them in the delivery room with you, witnessing the birth. Some kids will be comfortable with this, others won’t. If they are old enough but do not want to be in, having them in the hospital so that they can visit you during labor, and see the baby immediately after he is born is a good way to help your older child bond with the new baby.

Some people choose to have a gift for their child from the new baby, especially if it is the first sibling. A gift that says “I love you”, or “The Best Big Brother/Big Sister”. This will help the bonding start between the siblings.

It is important to let your child hold the new baby as soon as possible so that they know this is real. Even if your child is young, letting them sit on the bed with you, while you hold the baby and letting them hold the babies hand, rub the babies head, or sing to the baby, will help him build a connection with this new person in his life.

Remember that no matter how excited your child seemed about this new sibling while you were pregnant, now that it is “real” the excitement might go away. Your child might become clingy. It is important that you let them know they are loved by making time to spend with just the two of you during the day, possibly while your newborn is napping. Your older child will adjust to this new baby over time. Just remember to have patience with him and everything will work out ok.

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9 years 11 months ago

im scared out of my wits! this is helpful.

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