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Child Photography Challenges

Child Photography ChallengesWhen we use our children as photography subjects we are faced with a wide array of challenges. Maybe it’s those tricky toddlers or maybe it’s the weather that won’t comply? Whatever the challenge, though, there are ways to overcome various photography hurdles. Pictures don’t have to be perfect to be well received and treasured for years to come. It’s all about the emotion a photo evokes. Jumping the hurdles is easy, you just have to try.

  • You have a child who just won’t smile or when he does smile it’s all forced and fake?
    • How about capturing him when he’s not looking. Get him drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, blowing bubbles, or jumping on the trampoline.
  • The rain is relentless and you haven’t taken a picture for days because you are most interested in naturally lit photographs.
    • How about popping that flash and just snapping. You could be missing the best shots ever because you don’t want to use your flash.
  • You have multiple children and there is always one who looks away or closes her eyes. You just want one great picture of all of them together.
    • How about following them as they walk hand-in-hand on the beach, or you get them all playing together in the yard, or swimming in their kiddie pool? There aren’t any rules that say you must have them all looking and smiling.
  • The tantrums are plentiful and your fear is that you won’t get a decent picture of your terribly terrific toddler.
    • How about you put that bubble machine to use and capture some shots of your child playing amidst them, or maybe bath-time is a happy time and will yield some big smiles. Pick out times that your child is happy and get snappy!

Pictures that will be treasured don’t need to be posed. In this era of the digital camera we are afforded the option of taking as many pictures as our memory cards can hold. Keep those cameras within reach and start photographing the little moments, those ordinary –yet extraordinary– moments!

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