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Customizing Your Cutie’s Baby Pictures (costume and prop ideas)

It’s no doubt you’ve got tons and tons of pictures of your baby – or approaching that amount. Either way, it’s perfectly understandable because you love your baby and want to record every precious moment of their life. But they grow so fast don’t they? And getting those creatively designed, professionally themed pictures taken, even on a periodic basis, can get expensive.

So instead of traipsing your baby off to the nearest department store or photographer’s studio, why not create some of your own home-grown, customized variety, baby photos that will not only save you extra time and money, but will also provide you with creatively styled pics as well? It’s not a difficult task – as a matter of fact, it’s very easy to do with just a few objects (props) that can be found right in your own home. We’ve gathered some cute and creative costume and prop ideas to give you tips on designing your very own custom-themed baby pictures and are happy to share them with you here.

Think about your backdrop before choosing the baby’s. No point in having them sitting around waiting for their picture to be taken in that fluffy bunny suit that will eventually make your baby fussy. A simple, solid-colored fabric sheet or blanket temporarily hung on the wall makes the perfect setting for your at-home photo shoot. If you’re going for a certain theme such as the beach, park or even a holiday scene, consider a subtle toned over-sized beach towel, illustrated blanket or seasonal tablecloth. Make sure the fabric is hung low enough that it drapes onto the floor providing a clean place for baby to ‘pose’.

Rocking chairs, rocking horses, over-stuffed loungers, and bean bag chairs also make creative backdrops if your baby is at an age where they can sit up by themselves for an extended period of time. Those items can also be draped with fabric to add a softened and cozy affect.

Now first and foremost, you want your baby to be comfortable. A cranky baby doesn’t make for the best subject and will most likely stress mom out during the picture taking process as well. But a great idea for styling your own baby photos is to utilize a cute pajama, well-fitting costume, or outfit that is already hanging in your baby’s closet or folded away in his or her dresser drawers.

Look around your house – not just in, but including – baby’s room. You’ve probably got more appropriate props to enhance your scene than you even realize. Beach themes can be adorned with inflated beach balls and water toys, a pail, shovel and shells. Park scenes can include a picnic basket, baby’s favorite ball or toy as well as a simple outdoor styled chair or bench you may have in your home or out on the patio. Seasonal scenes pretty much speak for themselves, but be sure not to over due it – you don’t want to take any attention away from your little star. A Valentine’s Day theme for example, can include any stuffed animals that incorporate red into their detailing and home-made wings on your baby to exemplify your very own cupid. A cowboy hat and neckerchief if your baby’s on a rocking horse or the real-life family dog next to your little ones if they’re dressed up in a puppy or kitten costume – how cute!

These are just a few creative ways you can design your very own, customized theme pictures that can turn out as good or better, than if you’d had them taken at a studio. So go ahead and let your resourcefulness shine as your imagination does most of the work for you!

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