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Decorating Your Baby’s Room with Pictures

With so many options for themes, schemes, colors, coordinating fabrics and other items, deciding how to decorate your baby’s room can become a little overwhelming. So instead of going with the more common room themes, why not think outside the box and save yourself some time and energy from stressing over all the choices by deciding to create a completely customized room that reflects your own unique style. You can still keep it cute but also personalize it by decorating with pictures that you took yourself!

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers
The great thing about decorating your baby’s room with pictures is, not only will be it be an extra special reflection of your own creativity, but it can still keep with a theme of your choice. Say for instance, you want to design a little girl’s room in a garden theme with pretty flowers, butterflies and birds. All you’d need to do is grab your camera and step outside! And even if you don’t have a garden of your own, one of your neighbors may. And you can bet they wouldn’t mind obliging you by sharing the beauty of their own flowers and allowing you to snap a few shots of their landscape. You can also take a walk down to your local park or botanical garden.

Look up at the trees, down at the grass, and all around because what you may see as the same old ever day surroundings, will actually make for some beautiful pictures that can be framed, collaged, and used to decorate your baby’s room. And if you feel really ambitious, add a pretty color on the walls and maybe even think about painting a picket fence and garden gate. Hang some pretty curtains and you’ve created your very own indoor garden for your precious new daughter.

Animals, Animals Everywhere
Photos of animals are a great idea for boys or girls and provide you with a variety of choices as well. If you have pets at home, snap some pictures of them together, separately and with your baby’s brothers, sisters or cousins. They’ll make for adorable, personalized additions to decorate your baby’s room.

If you’re thinking about a jungle or forest theme, go down to the local zoo and take a slew of pictures of the lions, monkeys, exotic birds and bears. Then with just a little coordination, paint on the walls, and matching curtains you can easily create a fantastic animal theme with very little effort and expense.

Ideas for Customizing Your Pictures
One of the greatest things about this digital age we’re living in is that technology is always evolving, providing us with more and more ways to get creative. If you’ve got a digital camera that came with a docking station, it probably offers you the ability to print borderless photos which can help to create pictures that actually look like artwork. Or if you’re not comfortable using your printer’s software photo options, there are a lot of developers that can print those borderless pics for you, or scale them up or down to any size you want – choose from prints, posters or even wallscapes.

Whichever theme, photos or options you choose, the pride and satisfaction that comes from decorating your baby’s room with photos that you took yourself of family, friends, pets and more is the perfect way to personalize the space and create a place of happiness and abounding love for your little bundle of joy. So have fun, get creative and remember – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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[…] Decorating Your Baby's Room with Pictures | Photography | Baby … Whichever theme, photos or options you choose, the pride and satisfaction that comes from decorating your baby's … […]

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