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Digital Camera Advantages and Disadvantages

When you first pick up a camera with the intention of taking pictures of your growing pregnancy or new baby, you might wonder what the big deal is about the digital cameras on the market. Are they really better than the old fashioned click-and-shoots that you can still find on the department store shelves? There are many advantages and disadvantages to digital cameras that you must consider.

One main advantage of digital photography is you can see the results immediately. You can also delete a shot immediately that you do not like, making room for more pictures on your memory card. It is very nice to be able to take a picture and then take a look at your screen to see how the picture turned out.


The disadvantage is, for the more inexpensive cameras, there’s a time delay between pressing the shutter and when the actual picture is taken. Your subject might be situated perfectly, but in the few seconds between the time you push the button and the time the picture is actually taken your subject may blink or sneeze, making the picture not come out right. This can make it harder to take candid pictures. One solution is to see whether your digital camera can prefocus by pressing the shutter halfway before you take the shot. Prefocusing can cut the time it takes to shoot the picture because the lens is already in position.

The cost of digital cameras can be very high. As the technology improves there are more and more expensive cameras on the market. The more mega pixels your camera has, the better the picture and the more expensive it will be. Per dollar, it’s still much cheaper to buy and use a film camera.

Some photographers claim that you will never get as good of a shot with a digital camera as you can a film camera. The digital cameras can make incredibly beautiful pictures with five-meg chips but even three-mega pixel cameras can deliver nice results. To a non-trained eye, a person probably would not see the difference between a picture taken with a digital camera and a picture taken with a film camera.

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10 years 4 months ago

I have a both DSLR’s listed above and i take 15-20 pics a day and would have a mound of film if not for the Digital…most dont even get printed, but archived to someday be printed. also you get 30 something exposures on a role of film and i have a 16gig card in my D60 and can shoot over 2000 pics at fine jpg resolution…just get a D60 and call it a day…the refurb bodies and 300 bux online…

10 years 4 months ago
“Per dollar, it’s still much cheaper to buy and use a film camera.” True and not true. You see if you like to take lots and lots of pictures because you little one is just fun to take pictures of, then in the long run you are not going to save money with a film camera. Film cost $10 – 12.00 for a box of three rolls. Processing a roll of 36, exposers $4 – 5.00. Do this 3 times a month and your expenses over a years time is not much of a savings for soon obsolete technology. Go… Read more »
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