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Digital Photography: Don’t Be Scared

Many people are afraid of new technology and the creation of digital cameras. The old film cameras are familiar, easy to use and simple, where as the new digital cameras have endless possibilities and options as things to do. There are a lot of advantages to digital cameras and there are things you can do to make taking digital pictures not only easy but fun!

Buy the Right Camera
Just like every other “toy” on the market there are cameras made for all levels of photography including beginners, intermediate and professional photographers. Be sure that you pick the right camera for your skill level. Learn all you can about the camera that you pick out so that you know what it can do and can’t do. Not everyone will need a camera that has a lot of fancy choices on it and honestly all real digital cameras on the market will take a picture that will print out looking nice enough to go in any album or picture frame.

If you are starting off with digital photography, buy a camera that will get you started by just pointing and clicking at your target. Later on you may decide that you need more in a camera and if that does happen you can upgrade.

Don’t Worry About Taking Too Many Pictures
The great thing about a digital camera is that you are not limited by having only 12, 24, 27 or in some cases, 36 pictures you can take. Depending on the size of your cameras memory stick you can often get 100 or more pictures to one card. It is better to take too many pictures than to not take enough pictures so that you are sure to get the best picture that you can. Digital camera picture taking is also much cheaper than the standard film pictures because unless you print out a picture the only cost is the batteries that you use. You can even buy rechargeable batteries now that will cut out that cost.

Many people will use it however to delete embarrassing pictures or ones they don’t like. Before you do ask yourself if it is something that will embarrass you in 10 years, or make you laugh. If it will make you laugh, save it!

Be Sure To Look Immediately!
Since digital cameras have a LCD screen on the back you can immediately look at and share your pictures with others. You can also preview several pictures of the same pose and delete the ones that are blurry or didn’t turn out right because of red-eye, a blink, or a strange smile giving you room on your card to take more pictures.

You Can Still Have Them Developed
Just because you are taking it digitally, doesn’t mean you have to develop it yourself. There are online sites like Clark that allow you to upload and buy prints of your pictures for as little as .09 cents. There are photo quality printers and paper that you can buy to print your own at home if you want to go that route. Either way you save a lot of money on prints from your digital camera as prints from your film camera can cost as much as .40 cents each, even for the pictures that don’t turn out right.

There is no reason to be scared about using a digital camera for your photography needs. You can still switch back and forth or use both types of cameras, but you can have lots of fun learning how to use a digital camera.

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