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Tips to Take Great Holiday Pictures

You don’t want the same picture that you took last year, and you want it to look different than Uncle Joe’s picture when he is standing right next to you. Here are some ideas to help you take great pictures this holiday that everyone in the family will be able to cherish and remember.

1. Use high resolution.
For photos that you do not want to print, low resolution is great! But if you are taking a picture that you are going to want to print out for your album or scrapbook, or to give as a gift to your mother for her upcoming birthday, you will get a better printed image with a higher resolution. If you need to buy an extra memory card so that you have the storage room, splurge on yourself and buy one.

2: Get close up.
Create impact by getting up close. The picture will look totally different with your subject up close and personal than it will with them just fitting into the background.

3. Don’t use the “Auto” setting.
Take control of your camera and your pictures. Doing it manually you are likely to get different and more interesting shots. For portraits, use low aperture – around 2.8. For landscapes, use high aperture – around 16. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

4. Change your angle.
Don’t just stand in front of your subject. Try kneeling down in front of your subject, laying down and taking the picture from the ground, or standing up high on a chair or on a second floor balcony. Have your family stand on the stairs and take pictures from the side as well as the bottom of the stairs.

5. Don’t center your picture.
There is no rule that your friend or family member have to be in the center of the picture. You can get a great picture by angling it so that your subject is to the left or right side. You can have him sit on top of a sturdy table and take the picture so that the table is included and your subject is just in the top frame of the picture. Play around, experiment and have fun!

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