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Light Up those Smiles

When it comes to the art of taking pictures of babies we all want these photographs to turn out, well, picture perfect, especially when the baby in question is our own. There is one fatal flaw that will mar the perfection of photographs around the world. Whether you are a novice or a professional photographer you will find that you absolutely must have proper lighting in order to take decent photographs of your little one.

How to Find the Perfect Light
Nature provides the best source of lighting. The best time of day to take photos outside is early morning or late afternoon when lighting isn’t directly overhead as that will cast unwelcome shadows on your baby’s beautiful face. While most point and shoot cameras do come with flashes you will find that flashes are not the best lighting source when it comes to taking the best baby pictures.

When taking a photo of baby you want light that isn’t harsh and if possible that isn’t artificial. The problem is that winter months provide little opportunity for baby to go outside and summer months require special care and consideration for discomfort resulting from both the sun and the heat. A good alternative is if you have access to a sunroom or any room in your house that has an abundance of windows that allow natural light to stream into the room. This allows proper lighting combined with a comfortable atmosphere for your little one to take an exceptionally cute baby picture that is exposed to the proper amount of light. When taking photographs outside you should also take care that you are neither facing your baby into the sun (as this will agitate your baby) nor your face to the sun as this will create a glare. You may also want to take note of reflective metals or bodies of water that may be in the line of sight of your camera lens as well and avoid those whenever possible.

If these options are not available to you try to make sure that the room you are snapping photographs in is well lit and that you aren’t casting unnecessary shadows when taking your baby photo. Shadows create dark spots on the photo and too little light makes the entire photograph too dark to make out the beautiful features of your baby. If all else fails you can rely on the flash from your camera. These are actually adequate for most non-professional photographs. However, if you want an extra special picture for a baby photo contest or to grace the cover of your baby photo album, you might want to explore the possibilities of natural lighting in order to capture the brightest of your baby’s smiles.

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