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Making Easter Portraits Memorable

The snow has melted, the grass is getting greener, and spring has officially sprung.  Easter is here and that means sweet little bow ties, patent leather shoes, frilly pastel-colored dresses and matching bonnets, precious moments, and chocolate-filled baskets. It’s the perfect holiday to pull out your camera and capture loving moments before church, during an Easter egg hunt, or at a relative’s house visiting with family and loved ones.

In photography it is important to pay attention to your available lighting. The number one place to capture those stand-out portraits or even those classic snapshots will be outside, in the natural light. More often than not we, as photographers, want the light source behind us.  Sometimes, though, this may wash your subject out, and since they will probably be in soft colored clothes that wouldn’t be so good for your picture. Instead of the light source being behind you when you shoot, try to have it coming in from an angle; basically speaking, aim for [the sun] to shine over your right or left shoulder on to your subject. Also, when taking portraits inside strive to take photos near a window, for diffused lighting effect. Posing near a window, using diffused natural light, will give you a soft look to your image; making it look absolutely magical, in a frame, on your wall, or imprinted on a photo book or calendar.

Here are some tips to make your Easter portraits memorable:

  • Try not to over-pose. Instead, ask your children to hold hands and follow them as they walk by a row of flowers or take a shot of them walking away from you. This creates a timeless portrait that Grandmas go crazy for.
  • Have fun. One fun pose to try is where you have your children lie down, with their heads coming together, and shoot from above. Posing them this way is a different take on traditional portraits.
  • Don’t worry about smiles or eye-contact.  Some of the best pictures don’t have either.
  • Embrace the mess. Church is over and it’s time to dig into the Easter chocolates; don’t worry about a choco-face.  Snap away and capture the candid fun!

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