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Children grow up way too fast.  One day they are cooing in your arms, the next they master crawling and before you know it they are taking those miraculous first steps. It’s bittersweet when it happens, too. That’s why documenting those precious baby milestones, with your camera, is so vital. It’s important to preserve the stage he or she is in because in the blink of an eye it’s over.

At three months of age your baby is able to hold her head up and she may even smile at you. She might not even mind tummy time. Lay out her special blanket, place her on her tummy, get down in front of her, and snap away. Trying different angles and perspectives will add character to this type of portrait and a digital camera will afford you the ability to shoot over and over again until you get the best shot.

At six months of age your little baby boy can sit up or “tripod” on his own or  he may have started to learn how to crawl. This is a great time to document his developmental milestones. Sitting up and playing with his toys or lunging forward while trying to crawl or concentrating on stacking his plush block; it’s all so exciting and well worth pulling out your trusty digital camera.  Sometimes it’s the little things that mark development that we forget. A picture can help you relive these short lived times.

At nine months of age your daughter is standing and possibly cruising the furniture. She’s eating all kinds of new foods and might even be feeding herself while in her highchair.  Playtime includes peek-a-boo, looking at big picture books, and maybe a push walker toy that helps stimulate the next phase.  These are all prime times to mark with a picture or two!

The months fly by and suddenly your baby boy is a one year old.  This is an extra special time because the possibilities are endless. He’s walking, talking, and learning something new everyday. Making sure to record these marvels will ensure that the busy days of growing up aren’t forgotten or lost. You can look back on this time and be amazed that your little boy has met all these wonderful milestones, and then some.

Photographing all the various developmental phases allows us as parents to look back and cherish those special times. Those special times that are all too fleeting, but oh-so spectacular when you reflect upon them. And with all the photo print deals going on these days, be sure to snap as many as you can!

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