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Preparing Your Baby’s First Photo Album (creative ideas for what to include)

Between family members, friends, and the photos that you snap yourself, you’ll certainly have an abundance of pictures to go through, organize and select for preparing your baby’s first photo album. Maybe you received a beautiful, hand-made book at your shower or have chosen one on your own, but whichever the case, you’ll want to make that first album as precious as the little bundle of joy in your arms.

And photo albums don’t have to be all about pictures. With so many new experiences about to occur for both you and your newborn, they’ll be lots of opportunities for collecting memorabilia to add to your baby’s album. And nothing is too silly, so if you adore it, include it.

Of course, the beginning is the easiest part. Starting with the very first photo taken of your baby – the hospital has already supplied you with what you need to get started – your sonogram picture, baby’s footprint, name tag bracelet, birth certificate, and even the receiving blanket your newborn was swaddled in. So your first page can incorporate all or parts of those things. For sentimental reasons, you may not want to snip that receiving blanket, but later on, a patch of the fabric placed on the birth page makes for a precious addition to your baby’s first photo album.

As we know, lots of babies are born lacking in the hair department. But once it does start to grow in and you give him or her their very first haircut, be sure to save part of those silken locks to add to the pages of your baby’s first photo album. For girls, you can also include a pretty bow they wore or their first barrette.

What about their first bowl of real cereal? Wouldn’t a few of those Cheerios be an adorable piece of memorabilia to include in baby’s first photo album? It may not mean much to your baby now, but once they’re old enough to realize what you’ve done it will surely bring a giggle and a smile when they see it, and the memory it has created for you is priceless.

First birthday photos, pieces of ribbon, and wrappings from the gifts they receive, even one of the candles from their first birthday cake are more creative ideas to add to your baby’s first photo album.

Pictures of the first day of nursery school, masterpieces they’ve created there or at home, first report cards and all of those other extraordinary firsts, are things that you’ll treasure throughout the years. As time goes on, growth and changes occur such as their first baby tooth is also something special that can be kept and cherished in your baby’s first photo album.

So include as many of the pictures and items you adore in your baby first photo album. Because it’s something that you will not only consider your most prized possession as time goes by, but you can also bet that your child will thank you for spending the time and devotion that made their first baby photo album so special.

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