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Rainy Day Blues

Rainy Day BluesThe rain’s got you down.  The sun hasn’t been out for days and neither has your camera.   No pun intended, but snap out of it!   Grab your camera, get comfortable with using your flash, and stop missing those great moments around the house.   Sure, we love natural light but sometimes we just don’t have enough of it.  In the case of gloomy weather, here are a few tips and ideas to keep you shooting:

Open Umbrellas and Puddle Jumping

Find some colorful umbrellas for the kids, stand somewhere dry like a doorway, under an awning or carport, and shoot them playing and dancing in the rain.    Or have them jump into puddles while you shoot with a fast shutter speed/sports mode.  These playful portraits will be so fun to obtain. But mostly for the kids to help create.  Just make sure you have some towels in the doorway, though.

Overcast Isn’t the End of the World

Actually, it’s probably going to make for some great shots.  The clouds will act as a natural diffuser and there won’t be any harsh sunlight to contend with.  Shoot as normal in overcast conditions.   Also, after-rain skies are very dramatic.  Shoot from an angle that will catch some of the sky thus creating a very interesting background.

Let the Melodrama Roll In With the Clouds

Have your child(ren) stand with their faces up to the window, looking out on the rainy day.  Make sure to let their faces fill the frame of the shot.  This type of portrait will evoke much emotion and is great for putting on photocards.

Stop Blaming and Start Shooting

It’s easy to blame it on the rain, but when it all boils down you shouldn’t let weather deter you from taking pictures of your surroundings and your children.   Neither the weather nor your children will be the compliant all the time, but getting out there and trying is all it takes.  You will be surprised with the results you get!

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