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Sibling Bonds

Sibling BondsPregnancy is a special time, but sharing pregnancy and the birth of a baby with a sibling can present something extraordinary to parents and family. The bonds formed by brothers and sisters start early and the memories made, when documented through photography, can be fondly looked back on over time; especially when the fun times start, like the rivalry, fighting, and normal nitpicking that only siblings can do! There are so many times to capture. Everyday life can be momentous and worth capturing.

Not only will you be able to look back on pictures of your children together, over the years, but they will be able to look back on those fleeting moments of childhood. Those moments that are usually forgotten as they pass by so quickly. Those moments that are easily passed by because of the sheer volume of them.

Maybe you want to make a keepsake album, or maybe you scrapbook to remember various activities, or maybe you want to blog about funny stories that only having children can produce? Whatever the reason, as long as you keep snapping you will freeze these moments in a snapshot forever.

Here are some ideas for those sibling bond photography:

  • There’s a serious Lego building session going on in the playroom. Get your camera and get down on the floor and start shooting. Getting on the level of your little brother builders will give you a very interesting perspective.
  • The sun is shining bright and your children are in the backyard being little explorers. Follow them around and catch them digging in the dirt, blowing bubbles, or throwing sand in the sandbox.
  • It’s another day at the park and your sweet kiddies are enjoying your local park. Pictures of them climbing, swinging, sliding, and running will become favorites of yours for your photo albums.
  • It’s ice cream time around your kitchen table. There are chocolate covered smiles, sticky fingers, and happy smiling eyes. Shooting pictures from above, while they sit and enjoy their sweet treat, will become your favorites for sure!
  • New baby brother is home from the hospital and big sister is proud and happy. A few pictures of this special moment for the family scrapbook will definitely be priceless.
  • Don’t forget to get some pictures of new baby sister, before she is born, with her big brother loving on her outside of the womb. Some of the most special photographs are taken even before the birth of a new sibling.

There are so many moments in the lives of your children that are special. The best thing you can do is make sure you capture these moments, no matter how simple and everyday.

The possibilities for awesome pictures of your children together are endless. You can also do more creative things with your photos like have the image placed on a coffee mug, a poster, greeting card, have it turned into a puzzle or calendar!

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