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Sweet Dreams

Sweet DreamsA sleeping baby is a heavenly sight.  When my husband and I had our first baby we would often find ourselves standing over his crib, watching him sleep.  I found myself looking at our perfect baby boy, then at my husband, and a feeling of peace and serenity soon washed over me.   Three months later we were pregnant with our daughter.    A sleeping baby is indeed pure perfection.

One of my favorite things has always been taking pictures of our babies while they slept.    At night it’s hard to do because of the flash, so I reserved these shots for morning and during naptime.     I could take a variety of shots with my  DSLR camera and even if I had to use my point-and-shoot I would be able to turn off the flash to get some great daytime shots.   My favorite pictures are the close-ups of baby sleeping.   Most recently we used a shot of our baby sleeping for his birth announcement.   I still get compliments on that photo, to this day, and he’s almost three!

Slumbering Newborn

Newborns sleep a lot!  This is a great time to take pictures of their sweet little ears, or their pursed lips, or their crinkly fingers and toes.  They change so quickly and demand much while they are awake, that taking a sleeping portrait will give you a great document of this phase.

Stroller Sleeping

On the go, babies will fall asleep.  This would be another chance to pull out your handy-dandy digital camera and snap away.    Taking pictures, on the go, like this will also give a great documentation of daily and weekly events.  Time passes by so quickly and ventures out get forgotten.   Recording through photography is a great way to look back and remember.

When Sleep Comes

Babies have a knack for falling asleep when-ever and where-ever; that might be on the floor in a pile of toys or in her highchair eating lunch.    No matter where sleep comes there’s just another opportunity to capture that adorable sleeping shot of your little one.

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