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Taking Pictures Of Your Baby

There is no better way to capture your baby’s first year and all of his firsts than by taking pictures of him. It used to be that parents were limited to the use of a standard film camera and then having to wait till the pictures were developed to see how they turned out. While some people, especially professionals still choose to take pictures this way, many people have moved on to using a digital camera for their picture taking needs.

The digital camera has many benefits. Not only can you shoot a picture and then delete it if you don’t like it, giving you more room to retake the picture, but you can upload the pictures from your camera onto your computer in order to crop them, edit out blemishes and red eyes, or just make a little tweak to the coloring or contrast in your picture. You can then upload your pictures to a site like Clark Photos, where you can order copies of the pictures you want, in the sizes you want them, or gifts for friends and family members. How do you go about taking the BEST pictures of your baby however?

Don’t always worry about posing your baby. Sometimes the best pictures are the accidental ones, taken on the fly or spur of the moment. Catching that sideways glance or the tummy time moment might prove to be magical. There are times when posing your baby may be called for. If you want to get a good shot for Christmas cards you can try sitting your baby up, or leaning him against a background or object, and hoping he will smile for you…just so you get that perfect shot. All pictures don’t always have to be posed and planned out.

Think about your background. Take your baby to the woods or to a field of flowers to get some great shots of him. If staying at home consider what your baby is going to be wearing and use a sheet or blanket in a complimentary color. If your baby has bright blue eyes, taking pictures on a blue back ground might really help bring them out. If you have a bright outfit that you want to put your baby in for pictures, try using a black or white blanket as the background, so that your baby stands out more. Pick colors that will draw out your baby’s best features and highlight the mood of your baby.

Props are nice to throw in with pictures done at home in order to change things around some. In the spring get some fresh flowers and let your baby play with them while you snap away. Or take your baby outside and put him in an old wagon taking pictures of the scenery. Pets can often bring out the best smiles and laughs in a baby, so using a pet as a prop during your baby’s photo shoot may get you some great shots. Pictures taken of your baby while he is playing with his favorite toys can be fun and more true to life, as they would rarely be posed and more than likely be “fun” pictures that you will look back on and laugh about. Keep changing your props around so that the pictures always look new, fresh and exciting.

Not only can the coloring of your background change a picture and make it exciting, but the coloring of your picture itself can give it a completely different feel. With digital cameras and/or photo enhancing software you can buy for your computer you can easily change any color picture to a black and white or sepia theme. With many cameras you can actually take the picture in black and white. Since most pictures are done in color, these colorless pictures often add a different feeling to your picture, whether it is an old fashioned or vintage. Certain props may go better with different coloring as well, for instance picture of your baby girl wearing an oversized flower rimmed hat would look great as an old-fashioned picture in the sepia coloring.

Other Family Members
Adding other family members to pictures with your baby can make them not only unique, but sweet. Posing dad and your baby, or having dad take a picture of you and your baby will be cherished and loved for years to come. If you have more than one child, taking pictures of the siblings playing and laughing together will give you a lot of picture choices for albums, gifts and to hang on your wall.

Never be afraid to try something new with your baby when it comes to taking pictures. It may work, it may not work. In reality, 20 years from now you probably won’t remember why many of the pictures that didn’t work, turned out the way they did. They will still be pictures that captured a split second of your child’s “babyhood” that you will never get back. So take your camera and take lots of pictures! Have fun with it! Soon your baby won’t sit still long enough to allow you to get good pictures, or he will get to a point where he doesn’t want pictures taken of him and the easy days of picture taking will come to an end.

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