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Tips for Photographing Your Baby

Let’s face it; your life is busy with a baby. You don’t have the time (or energy) that it takes to pack up seven outfits and head to the mall where your local portrait studio is located.    I won’t even mention the cost of some of these places and how you get suckered into buying “the big package.”

Solution:  Put some money into getting a basic DSLR (I recommend a Canon Digital XSi) or nice point-and-shoot camera, and do it yourself.

No one knows your baby, like you do! You know when baby boy is well rested, when he’s eaten, when he’s cranky, when he’s dry, when he’s clean.   And being in the comforts of your home can really make for some wonderful photo sessions.

Tip #1: Use as much natural light as possible.

Set up a shoot by a window, where you know the light comes through nicely, so that you can use it to your advantage.  Or if weather permits, go outside and take some photos of her on a favorite quilt.  Natural light will give you some super soft tones, not to mention bathe your baby’s skin in such a way that you will absolutely love the end result.

Tip #2: Go the non-traditional route.

Focus on a particular body part like sweet baby toes or wrinkly little fingers.  They grow so fast and change so quickly, that you will be thankful for up-close documentations like this.

Tip #3: Don’t worry about setting aside time for a “shoot”.

Just take pictures when baby is rested, fed, happy,  visiting with family, interacting with siblings, sleeping, etc…  Some of the best portraits are candid and not set up or posed.

Tip #4: Keep it simple.

Don’t worry about props and take away any distracting items from the shot.  Focus on your baby and just fill the frame with his precious cheeks.

In this age of digital photography we are afforded the right to take as many pictures without worrying about paying for developing. We can print what we choose to print!   And we all have the ability to document our lives, daily, all-the-while honing in on our very own creative spark. Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose and only photographic memories to gain!

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9 years 25 days ago

As a person who works at local portrait studio these tips are great. I’d like to add another…don’t stress if they don’t smile. Some of the best photos I’ve ever gotten of children they aren’t smiling.

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