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What Can You Do With Your Pictures?

There are so many ideas of things that you can do with your pictures today and digital photography has a big hand in creating the many options and ideas. Digital photos are files stored on electronic media such as flash memory, hard disks and CDs/DVDs. When digital cameras were created all people could do with them was print them out and put them in albums or scrapbooks like they did with film cameras. Today the options are enormous.

Put On Your Computer
Most people start by uploading their digital photographs to their computers. This way they can look at their pictures whenever they want without having to print them out. There is software that will let you edit your photos by cropping them, changing the colors, putting in fading effects and more!

Email Your Photos
Digital photos can easily be uploaded to your computer as a computer file and therefore emailed to family and friends. There is not a quicker or easier way to show grandma a picture of her new grandchild or share kindergarten graduation pictures than by snapping them with your digital camera and then sending them via email. The problem may come in with the size of your picture as most email clients have limitations on the size of files that can be sent and received. You can use your software to resize your pictures and make them smaller making them easier to send.

Online Photo Albums
There are many free online websites that offer digital photo albums. Here you can organize, share, view and purchase your pictures for very a very small charge. You should always keep a backup of your pictures by saving them to a CD as it is not a good idea to rely on such photo album services as the only copy of your digital photos.

Desktop Wallpaper
It is easy to select a picture to use as your wallpaper on your computer desktop. This allows you to look at your favorite picture whenever you start up or shut down your computer, as well as any other time you want while working on your computer. It is very easy to change this picture when you take another one that becomes your new favorite. You can also use your software to rotate through a list of photos that you select as well.

Set As Your Screensaver
Many people have screensavers set up on their computer. Like your desk top you can set up your screen saver to rotate through a list of photos that you select. Using a photo screen saver is a nice alternative to a black screen or to words flashing across your screen when you become inactive.

Create Collages
With digital pictures it is easy and fun to create a collage of your favorite pictures in order to print them out or share with others. Many times it is hard to pick just one picture as your favorite to share with a friend or relative so you want to create a collage where you can share several pictures and still not put a huge hole in your pocket book. Different software programs allow you to make great collages while keeping the quality and integrity of your photos intact.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with your pictures. In reality the options are endless and limited only by your imagination.

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