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Baby Shower Games

  1. baby-shower-games.jpgBaby Bank – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Ask guests to put the money in a piggy bank and give it to the parents for their baby’s first bank account. (usually goes with the baby pool)

  2. Baby Bingo – Contributed by: Audra
    Print out BINGO sheets for all guest. Before gift opening instruct guests to fill in squares with “baby items”, rattle, teething ring, etc. While honored guest is opening gifts instruct guests to circle any and all items that are given that match what they have written on their BINGO sheets. As BINGO’s are being yelled out have a designated person pass out Shower prizes.

  3. Baby Food Guess – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Preparation: Take about 10 different baby food jars and number the bottom of each bottle. Use a permanent marker or write on masking tape and stick it to the bottom of the jar. Be sure to write down which baby food goes with which number.Directions: Place the bottles on a tray and pass it around to the guests. The guests then try to guess what flavor is in each bottle and write it down. After everyone has seen the bottles and guessed, then read the answers. The person who has the most flavors listed correctly is declared the winner.Variation: Buy a stack of papered plates and write the numbers 1-10 around the outside. Then put a small spoonful of each baby food next to the number. Give each guest one of these baby food plates and a spoon. The guests then guess the food by tasting all the flavors! As before, be sure to write which flavor corresponds to which number.

  4. Baby Pool – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Copy a page or two of a calendar. Have the guests put their initials on the date and time they predict the baby will be born. Each person pays a dollar or so for each chance she takes. For more variables, have people try to guess the sex (if unknown), weight, and length of the baby. The prize can be the money or another gift.

  5. Baby Quiz – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Ask the grandparents to write up what the parents were like as babies. Have them include vital statistics such as time of birth, height, weight, first tooth, first smile, age when toilet trained, and early indications of personality. Based on this information, make up a quiz about the future parents to hand out to guests. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

  6. Bottle Races – Contributed by: Anne
    Put 1 or 2 oz of milk or juice into bottles. Before explaining the game ask for volunteers (3) you can make sure to include the mother to be too. Give each volunteer a bottle, explain that they must drink from the bottle until the liquid is all gone, the first guest who finishes wins. It is a lot harder to drink from a bottle than you think! Even the people who are not drinking have fun cheering, watching, and laughing. This is a good time for pictures too.

  7. Diaper Derby – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    To play, you’ll need a four-roll pack of toilet paper. At the shower, divide your guests into four teams. Give each team one roll of paper. Using only that, each group should dress one of their team members in a diaper. They can’t use pins, staples, or anything else to hold it together. The mom-to-be picks the best-diapered baby, and the whole team wins small prizes.

  8. Dirty Diapers! – Contributed by: Phyllis C.
    Make diapers out of paper napkins, put mustard inside of one napkin. Each person is to pick a napkin and the one with the dirty diaper (napkin) wins a prize!

  9. Variation on Dirty Diapers Game – Contributed by: Alyssa W.
    Buy several diapers and several kinds of chocolate (Mars, butterfinger etc.). Melt one of the chocolates in one of the diapers. Do this with all the different kinds of chocolate. Lay the diapers on a table with a number next to each one. Have each guest look at and smell the inside of the diaper. Then have the guests write down the number and what kind of chocolate they think it was on an index card. The guest with the most right wins!

  10. Don’t Say Baby! – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    The object of the game is to avoid saying the word ‘baby.’ Everyone gets a clothespin or safety pin when they arrive, and if someone catches you saying ‘baby,’ she gets your pin. The person with the most pins at the end of the party wins a prize.Variation: Everyone gets a clothes pin… and anytime you were sitting down, you couldn’t cross your legs. If you were caught crossing your legs, the person who caught you got your clothes pin. The one with the most in the end got a little prize.

  11. Dress the Baby – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Get a life-size baby doll, receiving blanket, cloth diaper, diaper wrap, and one-piece underwear. Guests take turns trying to either dress or swaddle the baby. Time each guest – the one who does it fastest wins.

  12. Feeding Time! – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Place a bunch of cotton balls in a large bowl. Set an empty bowl in front of it. Instruct the guests that they are to transfer as many cotton balls as possible from one to the other while blindfolded. Blindfold the guests, one at a time, and hand them a large wooden spoon from the kitchen. Give them 30 seconds to scoop up as many cotton balls as possible and place them in the second bowl. This is harder than you think because the balls are almost weightless on the spoon and the blindfolded person has no idea how many cotton balls they’ve gotten. The balls are counted after each guest plays. The guest who transferred the most wins.

  13. Grab the Baby Pins – Contributed by: A. Swim
    Put several small safety pins in a bowl full of rice. Give each guest one minute to find as many pins (blindfolded) as possible. It’s amazing how difficult it is. The guest with the most pins, wins.

  14. Gum Babies – Contributed by: Julie S.
    Each guest gets a piece of bubble gum (the square ones like bubble yum) and a number is attached. The guest has to make a baby out of the piece of gum, the wrapper can also be used. The gum is collected along with the number (each guest has to remember their number). The mom-to-be judges the baby figures for best and worst and a prize is won. It is a great way for guests to loosen up and meet the people around them.

  15. Ice Cube Game – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Buy a bunch of tiny plastic babies – the kind you might put on a cake – and freeze them in ice cubes. Each guest gets one in a cup or bowl. The first one whose baby is ‘born’ wins

  16. Jellybelly Count – Contributed by: Adrienne C.
    You will need a baby bottle and 1/4 lb. of jellybellies. Fill the bottle with the jellybellies and write the number on a sheet of paper. Have the guests and guest-of-honor write their guesses on pieces of paper. The person with the closest guess wins the bottle!

  17. Memory Game – Contributed by: Phyllis C.
    Place a large number of baby items (rattle, diaper, teething ring, etc..) in a large bag. Give each guest 1 minute to study the items in the bag. They need to write a list of as many items as they can remember. The guest with the most correct answers, wins!

  18. Mom’s Book – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Buy or make a small blank book. Ask each guest to write in advice, their blessings, a wish, proverb, or poems the mom may enjoy. She can read the book while waiting for the newest additions arrival. It’s nice to let guests know ahead of time so they are prepared.

  19. The Name Game – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Using the baby’s full name, the guests make up words using the letters in the name. The person who comes up with the most words is the winner.

  20. Name That Tune – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Play or sing the tunes to children’s songs like ‘Pop Goes the Weasel,”Hush Little Baby,’ ‘Rock-a-Bye Baby,’ and ‘Lullaby and Goodnight,’ and have the guests guess the titles.

  21. Onsies Paintathon – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Get some white onsies or undershirts and give each guest one. With (non-toxic) fabric paint the guests can decorate each one for the baby. Variation: – Contributed by Debbie L.
    You can also do this with bibs.

  22. Picture It – Contributed by: Alisa V.
    Ask all of your guests to bring in a photo from when they were babies, hang them all on a bullitien board and have everyone try to guess who each photo belongs to. The person who has the most correct answers wins!

  23. Pin Counting – Contributed by: Amy N.
    Fill an 8 oz bottle with diaper pins and pass it around to your guests. Have them write down their guess on how many are in it. The closest guess wins!

  24. Pin the Umbilical Cord on the Baby – Contributed by: Sarah H.
    A variation on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” with a twist! Use a photo of a baby and a paper umbilical cord.

  25. Playdough Babies – Contributed by: Mindy C.
    Using playdough, have your guest make a baby item. Mom-2-be will deside the winner!

  26. Round the Tummy – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Buy a ball of yarn or string before the shower. Pass the ball of yarn to each guest and let them cut off the amount that they think best represents the waistline of the mother-to-be. After each guest has their string, have the mother to be go around the room and try out each string by wrapping it around her waist. The one that comes closest to her actual size wins.

  27. Time Capsule – Contributed by: Lainey
    Ask each guest to bring an item for a time capsule. It could be anything from a newspaper cutting for the year he/she was conceived, to a poem written by a friend of the mother-to-be on their thoughts of the mother-to-be.

  28. Zoo Babies – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Have someone name an animal like ‘bear’ and then everyone writes down what it’s baby is called (e.g. ‘cub’ for bear). The person with the most correct gets a prize too.

  29. Onsie Messages – Contributed by: Shannon Ley
    Have some onsies of different sizes available and some permanent fabric markers so guests can write a message or draw a design on a onsie if they choose to. You can also ask each guest to bring their own onsie in the invitation. Be sure to have little pieces of cardboard cutouts to stick in each onsie so the markers don’t bleed through.

  30. Shoe Tie – If men are involve in the baby shower let them in the games by giving them a large balloon to put under thier shirt. See who can tie thier shoes the fastest while bending over from a standing position.

Do you have a favorite baby shower game not listed?  Please comment!

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