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Baby Shower Themes and Ideas


  1. A bit of advice – Contributed by: Phyllis C.
    Have ink pens and index cards near the exit of the party. Ask each person to write down some thoughts or advice for the mom-to-be!
  2. Comforter Creation – Contributed by: Talina J.
    Purchase a light, solid color comforter and get a laundry marker. Have everyone that attends the shower sign the blanket! It’s a great keepsake and looks so cute in the baby’s room hanging on the wall.
  3. Educational Party – Contributed by: Rhiana W.
    Ask everyone to bring a book to start a library for the baby, or an educational toy.
  4. Helium Balloon Party – Contributed by: Jennifer
    Each guest is asked to bring a helium balloon to the party. During the party a note is attached to the balloon with the mom-to-be’s post office box address and a request for a letter from the person that finds the balloon. At the end of the party, the balloons are set loose. The letters received by the mom-to-be can be saved in the baby book.
  5. Party Favors – Contributed by: Beverly B. of Oklahoma
    Purchase about 1/2 yard of flannel suitable for a baby in either a pink or blue pattern. Cut squares approximately 4 inches square. Fold in half diagonally to form a triangle and then form a tiny 3 cornered “diaper” and then pin it with a little pin. Spray with spray starch and allow to dry. Inside each little diaper, insert a paper mini baking and party cup (made by Wilton and found at craft stores and discount stores). These can then be used to hold nuts and/or mints, such as after dinner mints in the pastel colors and given to each guest at the shower.
  6. Thank You Notes – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Hand out envelopes (the ones for the thank you notes) and ask each person to fill in their name and address. They can get a small gift or prize for doing so if you choose, bit it certainly helps the mother to be.
  7. What’s My Name? – Contributed by: Lorna F. of Pinopolis, SC
    Have everyone write down their favorite baby names on a piece of paper. This gives mom and dad a nice list to think about, and you can give a gift to the person who’s name they choose!

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