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Counting Down To Your Baby Shower

By Kimberly Meister

Great news! Your friend is pregnant! You are excited for her and want to throw her a baby shower. But where do you begin? The following timeline will help you accomplish this task with ease.

counting-down-to-your-baby-shower.jpgFour to Five Months Prior to the Baby’s Birth
When the expectant mother is about four to five months pregnant, you will want to let her know that you intend to throw her a baby shower.

When will the shower take place? The best time for a baby shower is either about two months before the baby is due or about 3-4 weeks after the baby is born. Ask the mother-to-be if she prefers to have the shower before or after the baby is born. Together, the hosts and guest of honor should choose a date that works well for everyone. Also, jot down as many details as you can.

Where will the shower be? If you will not be having the shower at someone’s home, now is the time to book the restaurant, hall, etc.

Who will be invited? Ask the mother-to-be to make a list of guests to invite. Give her a week or two to get the list to you and have her include addresses so you can easily mail the invitations.

What kind of shower will this be? You can choose a theme if you would like. Even if you don’t have a theme, you will want to determine whether the shower will be a brunch, luncheon, or dinner. You will also want to choose colors if you will be buying plates and napkins. If the sex of the baby is known, you may want to use blue things or pink things.

Six to Eight Weeks Prior to the Shower
This is the time to start buying everything you will need for the shower.

Invitations: The invitations are very important. They set the theme or the mood for the shower. It gives the guests their first glimpse of the special event. Be sure to include an RSVP as this makes it easier for you to plan. Also, be sure to ask the mother-to-be if she is registered for baby gifts and where. Some of the guests may ask for this information when they call to RSVP.

Paper products: If you will need paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic silverware, decorations, and tablecloths, start looking now. You don’t need to buy everything at this time, but if you keep your eyes open, you may just find a sale.

Party favors: Look for a small gift to give each guest to take home. If you are planning to play games at the shower, start collecting the items you will need and begin to purchase prizes.

One Month Prior to the Shower


  • Mail out the shower invitations.
  • Plan what will happen at the shower. What will you do as guests are arriving? When will the cake be served? When will the gifts be opened? If there will be games, plan the order in which you will play them.
  • One to Two Weeks Prior to the Shower


  • If you reserved a place for the shower, confirm the reservations.
  • Order a cake.
  • Double check to make sure you have everything you need.
  • The Day of the Shower


  • Plan to set up about 30-45 minutes early, depending on how much you need to do.
  • Have fun!
  • About the Author:
    Kimberly Meister is a personal stationary consultant for and helps people choose the wording for their invitations and birth announcements. To sign up for discounts on invitations and birth announcements, send an email to

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