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Guess the Baby Food

For this game you need to purchase about 10 – 12 bottles of baby food. Make sure that you get different flavors that look the same; this is especially important if you decide to go with the taste or smell version of the game without using blindfolds. You will also need to remove the labels from each bottle and write down the number alongside the correct contents of the bottle on a piece of paper.

guess-the-baby-food.jpgOne version of the Guess the Baby Food game and one that can be quite hilarious is to do the taste test. This game can be played with or without blindfold, as this increases the level of difficulty and the fun. It is common knowledge that bottled baby food is not something the average adult likes. For this version of the game some baby food is placed in plastic spoons and the guest or mom-to-be tastes the food and tries to guess what it is. The look on the faces of the persons doing the tasting is priceless and will bring life to any baby shower.

In addition to the taste version, guests can be blindfolded and given jars of baby food to smell and guess what it is. Another version is to just let the invitees try to look at the sealed jar of baby food and guess what it is. With the latter version the sealed jars and the list with the numbers indicating what each jar contains is given to the mom-to-be for future use.

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10 years 4 months ago
Another fun baby game is the “Poopie diaper game” You get 5 different types of candy bars the minis work best and the same number of tiny diapers. Write 1-5 on the diapers in permanent marker then smoosh one type of candy bar per daiper inside (make sure to write down which is which) then take them all and melt them in the microwave. After that pass them out to guests and let them smell taste or touch and attempt to guess what kind is what by writing down the answers and after read the correct answers and see who… Read more »
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