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Guess the Price

guess-the-price.jpgThis fun game is a variation of the popular Price is Right Game. Before the start of the game buy between 15 and 20 different baby-related items – make sure to keep the receipts with the price.

guess-the-price.jpgWrite down the price of each item and place it face down under each item. Make sure than none the guests sees the price when you are doing this. Give each item a number – make this visible. Next you will also need to place the same numbers in a container and have each guest pull out a piece of paper with a number.

Once the container is empty have each guest write down on the paper what they believe the right price of the item is. The guest whose guess is closet to the right price wins the game.

There are many variations of this fun game. Here are two twists that can be added to provide some variety.

  1. Show each guest the items and ask them to write down the prices. Once everyone has written down the price of each item, compare prices and the person who has guessed the prices of the most items correctly wins.

  2. Decide beforehand the rules in terms of ‘closest price”. Is it the nearest price without going over, or is it the nearest price within two dollars of the correct price. This means that the winner is the person whose guess is anywhere from the correct price to two dollars more or less than the right price.

Suggested baby items include:

  • Pacifier

  • Feeding bottle

  • Rattle

  • Diaper pins

  • Wet wipes

  • Stuffed toy

  • Bottled food

  • Hair brush and comb

  • Wash rags

Do you have a favorite baby shower game not listed?  Please comment!

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