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30 Men and a Baby Shower

By Bob Kish

Make way in the shower ladies. The baby shower that is – because the male invasion into this previously all-female affair has begun.

And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. This is the modern baby shower in action.

The advent of more males attending baby showers has tended to turn the baby shower gathering into less of a game playing event and more of a social gathering where couples get to share in the excitement of the coming baby while enjoying each others company.

Baby shower invitations for the men means the baby shower menu might lean more toward some poolside barbecue action and less indoor finger foods and baby games. Not many men will be vying to see how fast they can dress and undress a baby doll. Though, on the other hand, that could make for an interesting competition with the women.

Likewise, the more men that are invited the less feminine the baby shower theme. Maybe less of a Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme and more of a Pittsburg Steelers theme. You could even get a Terry Bradshaw bobble head doll. Okay, on second thought you don’t want to scare the tot when it arrives. So, maybe there is a baby shower middle ground there somewhere…

If men are invited you might want to mix up the baby shower games as well. Maybe alternate baby shower bingo with a round of Texas Holdem.

The Baby Shower Guest List
The baby shower guest list is usually put together by either a close friend or relative of the soon to be mom or by the mother herself. They’ll be the ones deciding if any men get invitations to the baby shower.

If the expectant mother is not doing the baby shower guest list she should be consulted prior to choosing the final list and sending out the baby shower invitations.

The only time you don’t want to consult the mother to be when planning the baby shower is when the baby shower is a surprise. In that event make sure the person closest to the mom to be is notified and asked about the baby shower guest list. This person might also have some unique input regarding any decorating ideas, favors, gifts and other baby shower items that might be needed.

More than One Baby Shower?
Yes, sometimes there is more than one baby shower especially if the people that the mother works with want to throw a baby shower for her. And, yes the men can get invited to that one as well.

So be forewarned, the diaper cakes, baby shower gift baskets and party favors might have to make room for the footballs and nachos. Good luck and enjoy the shower.

About the Author:
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Finally, Pink is shown surrounded by men and women in their underwear engaging in a pillow fight. ,

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