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Pass the Parcel

pass-the-parcel.jpgFor this fun baby shower game, which is also great for children’s parties you need to get a nice gift and wrap it in many different layers of wrapping paper. Try to wrap the gift in as many layers as the number of guest you expect at the party. Make sure that each layer of wrapping paper is different so that it is easy to differentiate one layer from the other. To make the game really fun, add small gifts in between each layer. The gifts do not have to be expensive and can include a cute pen or some candies.

pass-the-parcel.jpgHave each guest sit on a chair in a circle and start the music. The person holding the parcel when the music starts passes it to the person sitting beside them. The parcel is passed from guest to guest until the music stops. The tempo and length of time between stopping the music can be varied to make the game more exciting. The guest holding the parcel when the music stops starts removing as many layers of wrapping paper as they can. If they find a present it is theirs to keep, but they must stop and pass the parcel on to the next person as soon as the music starts again.

The parcel is passed around until the last piece of wrapping paper is removed. The guest who removes the last piece of wrapping from the parcel wins the game and gets to keep the gift or they can give it to the mom to be if they wish.

This is a fun game and can include all invitees at the party, women, men and children.

Note: In another variation of the game, each time the music stops, only one layer of wrapping paper can be removed.

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7 years 8 months ago

Im 33wks and im cleaning more and more everyday will I ever settle down lol cant wait until shes here

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