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Pin The Pacifier

pin-the-pacifier.jpgpin-the-pacifier.jpgThis baby shower version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” is just as fun and can really bring life to a party. Anyone can join in, women, men, children, even the mom-to-be can safely take part in this game. For the game you will need to get the following beforehand:

  • A nice life-sized picture of a baby

  • Drawings of a pacifier – you will need one for each guest. Since this is easy to do you can opt for excess in case some guests want more than one try.

  • Blindfolds – you can create blindfolds from paper or get scarves or even ask each guest to take their own material or sleep mask to use.

  • Tape to use on the drawings of the pacifiers. Tape is safer than pins.

The objective is to have guests take turns trying to place the pacifier in the baby’s open-mouth while blindfolded. The person who comes closest to the baby’s mouth with the pacifier wins the game.

There are many variations to this game, so use your imagination. Some suggestions include:

  • Instead of trying to pin the pacifier, other objects can be used instead such as baby bottles, sippy cups, even a thumb.

  • Use an image of a mother with hands positioned as if holding a baby, but of course, the baby is missing. The game is to cut out images of babies and try to stick them into the cradled arms of the mommy. Really creative persons can have the mommy lying in bed, sitting in a chair or standing – the choice is wide open.

  • Another nice variation is ‘pin the belly button’ with a picture of a pregnant tummy minus a belly button and guests try to place the belly button in the right position.

Do you have a favorite baby shower game not listed?  Please comment!

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