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A Gift for Daddy

When you are preparing for labor and the impending birth of your baby, you might have thought of all the details – your hospital bag, your birth plan, and a gift for your other child/children. But have you thought about a gift for daddy? It is common for the new dad to give the new mom a gift, either flowers, jewellery, or another trinket that has meaning, but it is not as common for the mother to give a gift to the father of her child.

What types of things could you give the new dad? A lot of that depends on what the new father is interested in. If he smokes cigars, a box of his favorite brand might be appropriate. If there is a good brandy or whiskey that he likes, that you don’t buy often because of money, buying him a bottle would be a nice gift for your partner.

You can get a gift from the baby to give to the new daddy. Get a gown or outfit that says, “I love my daddy”, or “Daddy’s Girl/Boy”. Put this outfit on your baby as a surprise when the father is out of the hospital room so that he comes back to see the change. Ties are normally given as gifts for Father’s Day, but you could always find a tie for a new father, or have one made to give to the father from his new son or daughter.

You can always go a little bigger and give a gift of a certificate to a golf course so that your partner can get away for a day, or even tickets to game played by his favorite sports team. He might also appreciate a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant so that you can go celebrate the birth of your newborn once you get out of the hospital.

The ideas for a gift for your partner are endless. No matter your budget you will likely be able to find something special that your partner will love and appreciate, especially knowing that it is from you and the new baby that you share. When choosing a gift, just remember to make it personal and think of what your partner would enjoy and appreciate the most.

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