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I Have Got To Go Pee!

Once you get pregnant you may feel like you are never getting out of the bathroom. Almost immediately in your first trimester you will have the unmistakable urge to sit on the toilet all day and empty your bladder. Even at night, while you are trying to sleep, you may be woken up several times by your body telling you it is time to visit the bathroom. This can be frustrating and tiresome for pregnant women who are already not getting enough sleep from either excitement or morning sickness.

But why does it happen? Your uterus is not that big to begin with. Once the egg implants in the uterus, the uterus starts to grow and to expand in order to make room for that egg that is going to be multiplying in size rapidly to grow for the next few months. As the uterus grows it pushes down on the bladder causing the frequent urges to pee. This can be made even more frequent if you increase your water and fluid intake once you find out you are pregnant, as is recommended by your provider.

Once you get into the second trimester, the early growth of the baby and uterus slow down some, and your bladder and body readjust to the lack of as much room, the urge to go to the bathroom will probably slow down. You will feel more like your old self. But be prepared, it is only temporary.

By the time the third trimester starts, your baby’s organs and limbs are all formed. All that is left for your baby now is to get stronger and grow bigger so that they can survive outside of the womb. Most of the weight your baby will gain will be gained during the third trimester. Because of this your uterus begins to grow quickly again, putting more pressure on your bladder. The weight of the baby also puts more pressure on your bladder, causing it to scream out to you more often.

Probably one of the most frustrating parts of this is the urge to pee, without being able to go. During the third trimester you may often feel like you have to go NOW, and if you don’t get to a bathroom, that you will not be able to hold it. However, once you get to the toilet you sit there and as hard as you try, nothing comes. When something finally does come, it is just a little trickle, making you wonder why you had to race to the bathroom. After all, it has only been 10 minutes since you went the last time.

You may also find that you are waking up more often during the night again to pee, making an already uncomfortable and broken night of sleep, that much more impossible. Thankfully, pregnancy only lasts 9 months, so there is an end in site. Eventually you will be back to your old self, not visiting the bathrooms as much, and only waking because the baby is crying next to you.

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