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What is Implantation Bleeding?

Many women hear the term implantation bleeding used a lot in regards to the early stages of pregnancy, but unless they receive clarification on what this phenomenon actually is then it can be a scary experience.

What Exactly Is Implantation Bleeding?

During the early stages of pregnancy the ovum, or fertilized egg, attaches itself to the uterine wall. This always occurs within the First Trimester and can sometimes cause a little amount of blood to be released. This is the cause of implantation bleeding. The egg actually attaches itself to the mother’s circulatory system via the wall of the uterus, and this is where the blood comes from.

What Does Implantation Bleeding Feel Like?

Some women might feel Cramping Along With Implantation. In some instances women have already missed a period and are aware of the pregnancy. Not every woman detects implantation bleeding. Remember that pregnancies can be considered perfectly normal whether there is any bleeding in the early stages or not.

What Does Implantation Bleeding Look Like?

Many women wonder how to tell the difference between implantation bleeding and bleeding that could be a sign of something more serious. If you experience light spotting – such as only enough to wear a panty-liner – then it is most likely implantation bleeding.  Additionally, if the spotting is dark and not bright red, and the spotting ends quickly, this points to implantation bleeding as well. Keep in mind that this can be completely normal in the first trimester but you should always check with your doctor whenever bleeding occurs during a pregnancy.

What Else Could It Be?

There are other explanations if the bleeding is not due to implantation. Bleeding beyond light spotting may be a result of your menstrual cycle, and the lighter flow than normal could be caused by any number of things including stress. Changing your Birth Control can also cause a change in your bleeding flow and spotting can also be a sign of infection or abrasions from recent intercourse. When in doubt, contact your doctor.

Could I Be Pregnant?

If you are Trying To Conceive, this could be good news since Implantation Bleeding is one of the Signs of Early Pregnancy.  If you think you may be pregnant, today’s Home Pregnancy Tests can show positive results as early as a week before your period is due.  If you’re not ready to buy a pregnancy test just yet, enter your last menstrual cycle date into our Due Date Calculator to determine when you ovulated last.  That will give you a little insight too!

Did you experience implantation bleeding? Please share your story with us.

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29 days 6 hours ago

Had my last period on the 5 th March this year had nothing for the last 56 days few days ago started with brown discharge when I wipe myself ive had loads of tests all negative and a uribe test at docs which was negative too ive been ill the last few days been sick period pain like cramps and headaches my heads done in with it this brown discharge is a worry really need some advice

29 days 10 hours ago

I last had a period on 5 th March 2016 lasting 5 days since then till now ive had nothing done lots of tests urine test at doctors all negative feel tired been sick headaches period like cramps but nothing now I’m having a brown discharge when wiping and a few stains of the brown stuff on knickers any advice would help

1 month 3 days ago

I havent had a period since begining of march i missed april but sometimes tlits normal for me i was bout to take a shower when i noticed a brownish n darker red discharge it was kinda mucus too srry tmi but i was wondering if its a sign of my period or implantation i nvr had brown in my blood b4 abd we r trying to conceive

1 month 4 days ago

My period ended this past Saturday and my boyfriend and I have had sex once a day since then today I started getting cramps and when I went pee it would kind of hurt and I was spotting a little bit could I be pregnant

1 month 4 days ago

I’m pregant i had implantional bleeding light blood that last 5 days now my cycle have come on the day it was due can I still be pregant

1 month 5 days ago

Me and my boyfriend had sex last month and I had my period a day after it was light but latest a couple of days today I just started my period well I’m not sure if it’s just implantion bleeding it’s pretty light but it’s not bright red it’s more dark. Could it be that I’m pregnant? I’m wondering if I am just because I’m gaining weight a bit also feel kinda sick like morning sickness… What do you guys think?

1 month 6 days ago

Every time I pee I feel cramps and I wipe I see light blood my period ended on Monday the 18 could this be implantation

1 month 6 days ago

I already had a period for the month of April. It was the first week of April dates the 3rd through the 9th. My fiancee and I had intercourse today April 24th and after saw some blood. Not enough for a panty liner and just a very little when I wipe and drips after peeing. Is this implantation bleeding?

1 month 19 days ago
My fiance and I have been having sex since we got together almost non stop, at least once a day. We’ve known each other and been best friends for six years and we just started dating a little over a month ago. I had a period before then, and I had stopped taking Sprintec after that period. I was a week late, and now I’m sort of bleeding but not really, like when I go to the bathroom there’s a little blood when I while, but other than that there’s light red on the pantiliners I use. Well, since we… Read more »
2 months 2 days ago

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on the 12/13th and I was ment to ovulate on the 14/15.
I found brown discharge when I wiped my self and on Saturday there was blood red/brown.
On Sunday I was on and off and on Monday I stopped
Then later on I wiped again and brown discharge and this morning there was blood
Only when I wipe tho
I did a test but negative
I want ment to come on today or Thursdays
Could I be pregnant

3 months 23 days ago

So i am using depo birth control and my period stopped. But saturday i bled alot and sunday it stopped. I have been having really bad stomach pain. I get really tired out of no where. I cant eat alot of food or i start to feel sick. I am wondering if these might be signs of being pregnant.

3 months 30 days ago

I have a question my husband and I had sex it was my first time I have a 28 menstrual cycle my period came 2 weeks after we had sex a week earlier than expected but it started as dark brown then turned light red and vibrant red it was not as heavy as usual but it did last 7 days and it included blood clots does that state that I’m not pregnant? I would really appreciate a response thank you.

4 months 2 days ago
Hello, I was hoping I could get some clear answers from some experienced women. My period was 7 days late (I have a normal regular period every 28 days) and I took 4 hpt and they all came out negative. Doctor told me to wait another week because based on my last cycle I would be pregnant early so the tests will come out negative. Today I started bleeding after being 7 days late on my period, I don’t know if it is implantation bleeding or my period, it is not heavy enough for a tampon and it’s only when… Read more »
tanya kirby
4 months 9 days ago

Hi I was just wondering I had sex last night and now I’m bleeding today but I’m not due to come on until the 27th janurary can someone plz help me and tell me why I could be bleeding today but not due on till next week thanks tanya

4 months 12 days ago

I had unprotected sex with my partner Jan 1st & 2nd and he didn’t pull out, my period was due the following week , it came a day early Jan 9 and was heavy but only lasted 2 days , normally it last 7 days . Today I had brown spotting that looked like it could be regular discharge . Took a pregnancy test and it came back negative . Could I be pregnant ?

4 months 13 days ago
Hello so I had sex for the first time on December 26,2015. This was 2 days after my period ended, it began on the 21st. It was unprotected but he didn’t finish. It is now January 17,2016 (22 days since the interaction) and my ovulation calendar says I should he starting my period tomorrow (I don’t really know how to count my 28 day period thing yet so I don’t know exactly what day of my period this is) but I have been taking plenty of vitamin c more then needed for 2 days to hopefully get my period it… Read more »
4 months 15 days ago

Hi my name is tasha I had a normal flow for two days & then my cycle just stopped & was dark brown then really light pink spotting for 3 days off & on my cycle have never been like this could I be pregnant could this be implantation bleeding

4 months 17 days ago

Hi my name is angelica a mother of three I need help okay . I was supposed to receive my monthly on jan 6 2016 and didnt get it at all that week on the 8th day (jan 13 2016) I went to the rest room and saw that I had a spot when I cleaned my self . What does this mean I took like five test and they came all negative I really need a answer . I dont know what is going on this has ever happened to me .

4 months 22 days ago

Pls I need help am 33, I always had 26 and 27 days cycle but I had 13 days cycle this month. I and my husband has been trying to have a baby. The period is flowing normally. What could be the reason, i have never experienced such before

Taylor Williams
5 months 11 days ago

I’m alittle worried on what could be wrong I just got over being really sick and started my period yesterday and it was light , I also had protected sex last night but before no protected sex at all and today I look at my pad and still barely any bleeding. What could possibly be going on with my period?

5 months 30 days ago

Hi, I had unprotected sex on 2nd of November, and I haven’t got my period for a month & 2 days ago I’ve been feeling little cramps but no blood was coming out, my chest is getting a bit bigger & my nipples are a little sore every time I move around while I sleep, but recently I’ve been using the bathroom lots & every time I would wipe there would be a very light pink/reddish colour on the tissue..and I took a pregnancy test but it said negative? so…what could it mean??

6 months 5 days ago

I have painful and long periods. I had a period in August and none since then…. On Saturday I spotted bright pink blood very lightly with little clots up until monday now i have nothing… this implantion bleeding

6 months 5 days ago
Hey, my last period was the 23rd of last month I wanna say, and I’ve been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend.. And this past Saturday I was throwing up and had started my period it was a lot of blood but it was just that one day and the next it was really light and spotted, and that was happening for like two days then on Tuesday & Wednesday I was on like completely and my bf came over on Wednesday and of course we had sex again and now I’m spotting again.. Is this normal?? Because I’m really… Read more »
6 months 12 days ago

Hey,i am 44 HAVE five grown children from my 17yr marriage to my first husband,so this is very hard for me,i am remarried its been a yr now and prior to getting married we were pregnant with day shy of 8weeks and they went to be with the we are trying to have a child and no luck..everytime i think i am pregnant i get a negative on the test..well question is i usually have a 29 day cycle i am a week early with some bleeding ..lite pink.,Pregnant or Not Pregnant..helppp

6 months 12 days ago

hi, last month my period came a week earlier than it should have now this month I’m only spotting like a light pink to a reddish color only when I wipe tho nothing showing on panty liner. have been nauseated on and off threw out day, and frequently peeing took a hpt last week it was negative could i still be pregnant?

6 months 12 days ago
Hi ok so my period is like clock work. It always comes the first week of every month, but this month I was two weeks late. I took a pregnancy test the first week I was late it came back negative so I waited another week and just when I was about to take another pregnancy test, I started bleeding but very very heavy. Aside from this I was having some symptoms of being pregnant like tender breast, stomach hurting, back hurting, and nausea. I’m so confused I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s going to be a while… Read more »
7 months 2 days ago

Hi I had just a romance be4 my periods and I got my periods on 19th of Oct & I finish on 23th, but after that on 28th Oct I saw blood in the morning only & again in the morning of 29th what would it be

7 months 7 days ago

Hi my last period was on the 14 of September last month and I had unprotected sex 3 Times 12/9/15, 26/9/15 and on the 3/10/15 I am 5 days late and now I have pink bleeding with clear mucus is that normal? Am I pregnant

8 months 3 days ago

Hey guys I had unprotected sex 10 days ago my period is due in 3 to 4 days I am on the pill but wasn’t taking it properly this month the last 3 days I have been having really dark blood and some discharge on my under wear I’m so scared and am only 18 could someone please give me some answers it’s driving me nuts thanks x

[…] Implantation Bleeding, What IS … – Many women hear the term implantation bleeding used a lot in regards to the early stages of pregnancy, but unless they receive clarification on what this … […]

8 months 9 days ago
i had last periods on 16th august 2015 but on 21st of september i had few drops of brown bleeding can this be an implantation bleeding as normally when i have periods its starting continuously bleeding dark red color but this time it was different. (Normally i have a period on 25th day of cycle but only last time i.e. after my july period, i received a period 15days delay i.e. (25+15) day on 16th august 2015. After that directly i had few drops yestarday on 21st september brown colour stick discharge only little. This type also i had a… Read more »
8 months 11 days ago
So I was suppose to start on September 6th. As of September 15th I did not start so I scheduled a doctor appointment. Not to mention I took 2 test both were neg. Well on the 16th (now 10 days late) I started cramping around noon. Then couple hours later I had brownish discharge. On the next, the 17th, morning it seemed to be a little more heavier and pink. Not enough for a tampon. Then on 18th it was back to spotting brownish. But stopped. I had blood work done, still waiting for that. But it’s on and off… Read more »
8 months 15 days ago
I had unprotected sex 3times before my peroid, I took the plan B pill each of the times I had unprotected sex. Now I know that it is terrible to take the pill 3times before a cycle but I was being irresponsible so now I got my period yesterday normally the first days are light but heavy towards the end of the night. Today’s the second day and it’s still very light my bleeding seems to be very pink and watery it’s not a dark red like normally and usually I wear the super size tampons and it would be… Read more »
8 months 24 days ago

So me and my husband had unprotected sex for two days. I noticed the next day I had a light bright red blood in my panties so I put on a panty liner. It isn’t heavy at all and my period is due next week is it possible I’m pregnant or is it nothing to worry about. I thought it would be too early to do a test so I need advice should I wait or is it signs of the egg implanting in me and normal.

Brittany F
9 months 2 hours ago

OK so I know this post is very old but I really need help ok I had sex 14 days after my last period started which was the 24 of last cycle was the 10 of Aug. today is the 31of Aug. but on the 28 of Aug. I had a tiny clear mucus line with a tiny blood clot and streaks with tiny pink spots on the toliet paper as well am I pregnant ☺

9 months 18 days ago

Hello my name is Tina I’m 29 years old. Okay I had intercruse on Aug 8 2015 my period ain’t due till Aug 23 2015. I am trying to get pg. But I know it’s to early for it to show on a test but I have been having some really waried pains in my adoman. I have never felt this way before the test did show negative. Am I pg or not. Lol

9 months 19 days ago

Hi my name is renee I have acouple more days until I am suppose to start my period well I started bleeding almost like brown blood lastnight and this morning it’s kinda thick and thus is not normal for me I am having unprotected Sex with my fiance what does this mean?

10 months 4 days ago

I had a period June 4. It lasted about 4 days. Me and my ex boyfriend had unprotected sex on July 6th. Today is July 27. Still no period. But I’ve been tired non-stop, extremely nauseous, and having painful cramps. I’ve also been having heavy white, odorless discharge. What does this mean.

1 year 15 days ago

So I’m not sure if in pregnant or not but I’m 5 days late and after going to the toilet I noticed a pink discharge. Could I be pregnant ???

1 year 16 days ago

Hi guys , I’m 18 years old …. The last time I had my period was like the middle of March. It is now May and I still haven’t had a period yet. I haven’t had it the whole month of April and I’m scared. I haven’t had any symptoms of pregnany. Could I be pregnant ?

1 year 1 month ago
So before I found out that I was pregnant I had intercourse with someone that wasn’t my partner, after I realized that I had been bleeding a lot but I didn’t really think anything of it as I thought I had just started my period since I was already overdue which was normal for me I never really had a regular period. The thing is that I was only bleeding for moment because after I cleaned myself I wasn’t bleeding anymore. Three days later I took a home pregnancy test and it came out positive and then like 4 days… Read more »
1 year 4 months ago
Im 22 and have 2 childern 6 & 4 and i had a miscarriage last January 24, 2014 . I missed my period in dec of 2014 finally started January 1, 2015 and ended on the 6th then I had unprotected sex with my bf on the 8th and started bleeding again on the 10th of January. but, only lasted for that day.. im confused this has never happen to me before could I be pregnant? I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. Was that implantation bleeding? Should I test soon? I really could use some answers.. thank you!
1 year 4 months ago

Hi can any one help my periods have been regular the last six months but last period I was 6days late I came on for 7days never lasted that long b4 wasn’t very heavy like normal an I had sex last day of my period an 2days after I now have loads of sticky white discharge is this normal as its never happened b4 what does it mean? Am I ovulating or could I b pregers?

1 year 5 months ago
Hey My Name Is Yesenia , I Started Bleeding/Spotting Yesterday 12/22 And Its A Bright Redishh Color, I Haven’t Had My Period Since Oct ,I Am Regular 28 Day Cycle, I Tooken Two Test The First One I Waited I Skipped My Period Waited A Week And Took The Test On 12/6 It Was Negative, So I Waited For My Period Still Nothing, Took Another One One 12/20 It Was Positive, Line Was Faint But You Could See It ? I Was Going To Head to The Clinc To Comferm It And I Went To Pee And Noticed Light Pinkish… Read more »
Nathalie Vazquez
1 year 5 months ago
Hello everyone…well i am 31yrs old married for 9yrs an have 4 girls ages 16,11,9 and 5 and a 7yr old boy me and my husband want to have one more before closing shop…weve been trying but not putting much effort into it till mayb aug/sep was doing everythin that we could following trackin my period ovulation when fertile the whole 9 but kept gettin my period on its due date the 11th but this month didnt come…hmm could i be pregnant?…fingers crossed i took a hpt the 12th at 7am an negative..i gave it a few days on the… Read more »
1 year 5 months ago

Hi my last period is 22 nd November and I married on 1st of December I’m expecting to pregnant but December 8th it’s bleeding I don’t know why ????

1 year 7 months ago

Hey my period was September 18 and my next period was October 16 but I missed my period
but now I’m 10 days late and notice slight spotting and now bleeding it’s been 3 days I am so confuse someone please help

1 year 7 months ago

i had my periods on 5th sept 2014,and on 20th sept i could feel all symptoms of prgnancy, like vomitng, tireness,loss of appetite, pimples mild cramps in lower abdomen.Bleeding started on 9th oct 2014. and lasted for 2 days. later i noticed stretch marks on my stomach and breast and still have all symptoms . so please let some one tell me ca i still be pregnant?

1 year 7 months ago

Hi I have been trying to have a baby for awhile now I’m on fertility meds and I’m now 8 days late on my period but today I noticed I’m spotting brownish. Could I be pregnant? I already have a 16yr old son. I just don’t want to get my hopes up

1 year 7 months ago

Hello ladies well I had off my period September 30 two days later memy husband had sex 3 days in a row and now I seem like blood and it’s stopalthough my period is irregular I start my period around the 23rd of September it stops September 30th I will like to know could I be pregnant since my Period ain’t dur to the 21 of October.

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