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Items to Make Sure You Have Before Baby

You have been waiting for this month since the first trimester began and you got your positive pregnancy test! At the end of this month you will be holding your precious baby in your arms. But are you ready for all that labor and delivery will bring?

You have probably had at least one baby shower, or if you already have kids you had several “left over” items you can use for this baby. Before you bring the baby home there are several essentials that you want to make sure you have waiting for you.

Infant/Convertible Car Seat
There are no ifs, ands or buts when it comes to having a car seat to bring your baby home in. If you have your baby in a hospital then you will not be allowed to leave the hospital without having your newborn secured in a car seat.

There are two types of car seats you can buy for your baby. One is an infant car seat. It is specifically designed to hold babies up to approximately 22 pounds and 26 inches, and being portable so you do not have to disturb a sleeping baby to get him out of a car. They are also convenient because you can strap your baby in while in the house and then just lock the car seat in the base.

The other type of car seat you might buy is a convertible car seat. This kind stays in your car all the time, but is designed to face backwards until your babies first birthday, and then sit forwards until your baby is about 40 pounds. Some convertible car seats can hold your baby till they are about 60 pounds.

Before you head to the hospital, you should make sure you have your house well stocked on all the supplies you will need when you bring your baby home, so that you do not have to run to the store immediately. Make sure you have plenty of diapers, diaper rash ointment, baby powder, diaper wipes, wash cloths, scratch mitts, and gowns for your baby to sleep in. You will be tired upon arriving home from the hospital so having the supplies close at hand will help save time and save your energy.

A Place for Baby to Sleep
Make sure you have a plan for a place to lay your baby to sleep. There are many choices out there. You may choose to co-sleep with your baby in your bed. If so you might want to buy a sleep positioner to help keep your baby safe. Other choices for sleeping arrangements include a crib, a bassinet or a travel yard. Bassinets are designed to keep your baby close by you and can often be moved throughout the house.

Travel yards are often designed with built in bassinets that can be removed when the baby outgrows the weight limit. Travel yards are nice because not only can they be taken around the house, but they can be packed up and taken to Grandma’s for the day. Some babies will remain in a travel yard until they outgrow it and move into a toddler bed.

The majority of babies are placed in a crib at some point, whether it is when they are first brought home, or when they outgrow a bassinet. The crib is normally the center of a nursery, and can come in many styles and colors. Crib bedding that you pick will lead to the entire design of your nursery.

Baby Bath Tub
You want to make sure when you bring your baby home that you have a safe place to bathe him or her once the umbilical cord falls off. Newborns are too small to be placed in your bath tub and they will need support to keep from falling over. Some people choose to set their baby in a sink. If you choose to use the kitchen sink, you will want an infant bather to set the baby in, so that your baby doesn’t fall over. You can also set the bather up in the bath tub as the baby gets bigger and wash him there. There are several different types of baby bath tubs normally ranging between $10 to $40.

There are probably other products that you will find that you can’t live without once you get your baby home. If you find that you have forgotten something don’t panic. If possible send out a friend or family member to pick up the item for you so that you can concentrate on settling in with your new baby.

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8 years 5 months ago
you’ll definately need a baby seat as well. This is so you can take a shower, do the dishes, take a power nap, or simply relax and watch tv for a few minutes without holding the baby. You can use the carseat, but getting a vibrating babyseat is a good thing to have. Other than that, I completely agree with this list:i got a convertable carseat, a bassinet play yard with diaper changer table built in, infant-to-toddler bath, and a crib. Got me through the first 2 years without a hitch. I also took everything available in the delivery room… Read more »
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