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Probability of Giving Birth to Twins

By Yana Mikheeva

Giving birth to twins (and sometimes to triplets) is a dream of many women, regardless of the fact, plural pregnancies are more difficult and requires a special vigilance. But all troubles are overcome due to some certain aureole of heroism and a wish to take all the pain at one go. It’s interesting, that for the last 20 years, statistics of giving birth to twins, triplets and more increased significantly. Deliveries of 0.5 – 2% of women finish with birth of twins, triplets, more seldom four and five babies.

Do you have a chance? This depends on several factors:

  1. Age of a mother.
    This is one of the reasons of increasing amount of twins’ birth – a worldwide tendency to late deliveries. The probability of birth of two and more babies increases if a mother is older than 35 years. (By the way, this chance increases even more after 50 years). Unfortunately, You are half as likely to deliver multiples at 25 as you are at 35+.
  2. Inheritance.
    If some of your or your husband’s relatives has twins, then your probability of giving birth to several babies at once is extremely high (especially, if you inherited this trait from your mother). And regardless of common opinion, this does not necessarily take place in one generation – you can inherit a gene which is responsible for formation of several ovules, suitable for insemination, in your organism.
  3. Genesial technologies.
    Often women who were prescribed hormonal medicines during sterility treatment or while preparation to artificial extracorporal fertilization have plural pregnancies. Hormonal medicines stimulate ovulation in the midst of a cycle and if a woman receives overdose of a medicine then several ovules come out of ovary follicle at once, not just one. As a rule, doctors “remove” excess ovules. But sometimes women refuse due to religious or other motives. In USA and Israel there were cases when women gave birth to 6 or 7 babies at once.

Signs of plural pregnancy
It can be very easy to determine the quantity of babies you will birth – you can do it with the help of echography on 5-6th week of pregnancy, but there’re such situations when you cannot pass through echography. So, it will be good for you to learn some signs of pregnancy with twins. Moreover, doctors cannot always can give you an exact answer about your pregnancy during the first 10-12 days.

Psychological factor. You should not ignore your intuition. Many women can be sure that they are pregnant with twins since the moment of conceptiony. Often mothers of twins admit that they knew about their forth-coming birth on the earliest terms of pregnancy. If you feel you’re expecting twins tell your doctor about it for sure.

High biochemical indexes. Women pregnant with twins have increased indexes of some biochemical tests. For example, content of alpha fetoprotein or a high content of a hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which supports pregnancy. While placenta is developing its presence can be determined in blood or urine even before the delay in menstruation, and lots of pregnancy tests are based on its indexes.

Intensive morning sickness and/or vomiting. More heightened in comparison with usual pregnancy, content of hormone HCG (pregnancy hormone) can increase morning sickness. Sickness, sometimes accompanied by vomiting, can already appear a week after conception, i.e. even before your usual menstrual cycle begins. Sickness appear more often in the morning but it’s also possible in any other time of a day.

Intensification of other pregnancy signs. Many (but not all) women expecting twins suffer from other intensified sings of pregnancy – due to a significant increase of hormones in comparison with usual pregnancy. For example, they feel heightened breast sensibility, more frequent impulses of urination, extreme tiredness and hunger. In the second term a woman may suffer from strong breathlessness, hands and legs spasms, sudden increase in weight and belly sizes, and an intensive stir of fetus. Hemoglobin decrease or anemia – are also usual events for plural pregnancy. And in general this is not surprising. During such pregnancies a load on a future mother’s organism increases several times, depending on the quantity of babies she’s bearing. Unfortunately, this means that complications are more often met during pregnancy.

Quick weight increase since the first days of pregnancy. By the way, this is one of the first sings of two babies’ present in a woman’s uterus. Double nutrition can play an important role during the first term of pregnancy. And a quick weight increase is necessary.

High physiological indexes. Doctors can usually tell during the first examination that your uterus size is little big for your assumed term of pregnancy. This tendency will remain for the whole term of pregnancy. Other physiological indexes will be bigger too: circularity of belly through navel, height of uterine fundus standing and others.

Heartbeat of two hearts can be heard. When a doctor begins listening to a baby’s heartbeat he will hear the beating of two hearts, instead of one. Two separate heartbeats can be heard on the 13th week of pregnancy.  By the 28th week a doctor will be able to determine 3-4 large parts of body (head and bum) and many small ones by touch.

About the Author
Yana Mikheeva is the creator of the Baby-Health.Net at Are you going to get pregnant? Visit our friendly resource and read information on pregnancy and parenting, painless childbirth, growth and development of a baby, baby health, safety, signs of pregnancy. She also has a blog for women at

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10 Comments on "Probability of Giving Birth to Twins"

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7 years 1 day ago
I am 35 weeks pregnant with di/di boy/girl twins and I was 5 weeks along when I found out. I was having some spotting which was unusual since I did not have that with my first. I did not have any morning sickness with the twins like I did with my singleton pregnancy. I also didn’t gain a bunch of weight until the third trimester began. My Husband’s brother had twins. But i had a multiple ovulation which occurs more frequently in woman over 30 not 35. This pregnancy was easy compared to my first up until now. Now It… Read more »
7 years 1 month ago

I’m 7 weeks and have a hunch that it’s twins ….. twins run rampid through both my family and the fathers, Not to mention the fact that me and my fiance were both supposed to be twins but our mothers lost the other babies during pregnancy. I think the chances of twins is pretty high no?

7 years 7 months ago

im 7weeks pregnant and my instints tell me im having twins. my belly is now showing. my husbands dad is a boy\girl twin. my 4yr old is happy for the new baby n the way.

7 years 10 months ago

Hi all i am 5 weeks pregnant and have a strong feeling that i am having twins i cannot seem to shake this feeling. have anybody ever felt like this before and came up pregnant with twins that do not have twins in their family? i would really appreciate a response.

8 years 1 month ago

This is my 3rd pregnancy. I have a 4 1/2 year old and an almost 3 year old. When we told my son there was going to be a new baby and asked what he wanted he told me mama your having two babies! None in our family! This pregnancy so far has been terrible. Always sick and exhausted and my tummy is already showing at 7 weeks. Ive had a boy and a girl so i have no idea its never been this way before! Doctor next week.:)

8 years 3 months ago

want twins baby ,their is no one in our family history who had twins baby .is their any solution for this..

Aarti kapoor
8 years 8 months ago

Hi friends , I am going to family planing after 2 month , but i want twins baby ,their is no one in our family history who had twins baby .is their any solution for this reply me on my email adress .

8 years 9 months ago

I completely agree with what Christiana says. I have twin sons, mono zygotic, similar looking male boys. It happened randomly but not through family history. In case of fraternal twins it might happen through family history.

8 years 9 months ago

The information given above is not entirely correct. If there were cases of twins on the man’s side of the family that does not influence the woman’s probability of having twins. Identical twins happen completely randomly and are unpredictable prior to conception, fraternal happen because the woman’s ovary released two eggs instead of only one, which obviously cannot be influenced by her husband’s family history.

8 years 10 months ago

i am wondering I am 30 yrs old 2 pregnancies 1 son that is 11. I am pregnant now. and people suspect that I am pregnant with twins . My mother is a boy/girl twin and my husband mother is a boy/girl twin. i have a set of other twims and my family . and my husbband has other sets of twins on both his mother and fathers sides. we have been married for 7 years and are just now gettin gpregnant. I am just wondering what posibilities that I have.

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