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Special Treatment for Pregnant Women

I recently heard a story about a woman who got an interesting discount, just because she was pregnant. She went into a sandwich shop for lunch one day, ordered her food and then was told that she got 10% off. She thought maybe the sandwich was on special and sat down to eat. Before she left the owner came over and told her that because of her being pregnant, she got a discount every time she came in and that in the future just sit down, tell him what she wanted and he would handle the rest.

While this special treatment was incredibly nice and thoughtful, and pregnant women all around the world probably think that more places should do this, it is not common to find places offering women special treatment just because they are pregnant. Most restaurants do not have discounts for pregnant women, neither do most stores you will find in your local town. Sometimes you can get lucky though.

One type of special treatment that many pregnant women in their third trimester would appreciate is a parking spot or spots reserved close to doors of shopping centers and grocery stores. By the time you are ready to deliver, walking a mile to buy some milk because you can’t find a close spot does not sound too exciting. Especially in the heat of the summer, or if it is cold, snowy, icy or raining outside. However, you can occasionally find these special spots at local grocery stores and chains. If you do you generally have to get a “pass” from the store that you hang in your window letting them know that you are in fact pregnant and they are only good in the third trimester and for the first couple of months after your baby is born.

It would also be nice if places like big amusement parks, where you are told you can not ride the rides, would offer discounts to pregnant women. Instead at most of them pregnant women are forced to pay the full price of $40 or $50 so that they can go in and walk around for hours while their family gets to enjoy the rides that they paid for. We are not aware of any amusement park that offers this type of discount, but if you are, please let us know so that we can tell all pregnant women to go there!

If you can not find a place in your neighborhood that offers special treatment to pregnant women, bring up the idea yourself. Mention it to the owners of your favorite restaurants, and to the manager at your local grocery store. Make them see that offering parking spots or discounts on food would help bring in the pregnant women who want to walk only 20 feet, instead of a mile, and those that don’t feel like cooking, but would rather just grab a quick bite to eat. Many times it is not done just because it isn’t thought of. After all, not everyone can be as smart as a pregnant woman.

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8 Comments on "Special Treatment for Pregnant Women"

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6 years 5 months ago
Wow! I am 6 months pregnant now, and this is my first child, I am very excited of course. But I can’t help it, when I read articles like this, I get irritated. Why do women seem to think that they deserve special treatment just because they are pregnant? Yes – You should get special treatment from your spouse, family, and maybe a little from coworkers – you know – like having them lift something for you because it is too heavy, and your doctor wants you to limit your weight lifting capacity…but some of this stuff is a little… Read more »
6 years 7 months ago
I get pregnancy treatment at a lot of places. I live in southern California. People open doors for me, let me go ahead of them in line, carry my stuff for me, and give me discounts or free stuff at certain places. It’s pretty cool how nice people are when ur pregnant. Is it necessary? Maybe not, but their kindness and good disposition definately makes life better, and especially when ur dealing with all ur preggo symptoms. I kno people love babies and the next best thing is a lady carrying a baby. So if people want to be nice,… Read more »
6 years 11 months ago

really?not by choice? you got pregnant on your own, no one forced you. pay the money to go into the park and have fun with your family, or stay at home. and why do we deserve discounts anyway? we don’t. and closer parking really? walk a few extra feet…its good for you. Im high risk and don’t complain about walking far. being pregnant is not a disability. and i thought military spouses were bad!

7 years 10 months ago

I just went to a amusement park this past weekend and mentioned to management that they should have this sort of discount. All but 4 rides said no pregnant women. I paid full price as did my daughter and husband. It was not by choice I could not go on the rides…they did not let me! He said that it didn’t exist and that was that!!,

rachael(1stpregnancy n on my highhorse;))
7 years 11 months ago
i am pregn for my first time. i am 28 yrs young. i tried to get pregn for around ten yrs. after many docs n specialist said i couldnt n i spent all that time trying w no luck i was for sure the docs couldnt be wrong. back in my mind i still wanted to prove them wrong. they said id not lose much weight. i lost 110 lbs in 9 months. so y couldnt i prove em wrong on more stuff esp pregn? anyways, i stopped tryn so hard for two yrs. and bamb i got pregnant. so… Read more »
8 years 4 months ago

Germany is a service-dessert! BUT: in front of pretty much every store, mall, movie theater… they have mommy-parkingspots in front of the entrance!! Just like handicap parking!
Walmart??? Target??? a mall??? I have never seen it here in the states :(((

9 years 3 days ago

Some of these things I can understand, like parking spots for pregnant women in their third trimester, or getting a discount when going to the amusement park since you can’t actually ride anything, but giving discounts on other things seems just bizarre to me. Why should you get a discount at restaraunts or supermarkets because you are pregnant? I mean, if the store owners want to do it, just to be nice, thats fine, but I still see it as a little bizarre.

10 years 9 months ago
I absolutely agree with you. I just moved to NY from Arizona, and I moved while I was pregnant. In Arizona, there were the pregnant woman AND mothers with children parking spots right in front of the doors. Then it went to handicapped and then regular. I was also at several restaurants where they did end up giving me a major discount and sometimes I would get appetizers for free. As soon as I moved to NY, I realized that not only was there no hospitality twords pregnant woman, but people made fun of your weight and size!!! There are… Read more »
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