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Top 10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Going to Delivery

By Amy Cummings

1. Don’t waste time buying a nice outfit for the hospital. After women give birth, they bleed (like a heavy period). I was much more comfortable in the hospital gown and those undergarments they give you to wear. It is so much easier.

2. There is a pretty good chance you may go number #2 while pushing the baby out! This certainly isn’t something to be embarrassed about, it happens naturally when you are bearing down.

3. Don’t plan on sleeping while you are in the hospital. Nurses are in and out at all hours. If you’re nursing the baby, they will bring her/him in to nurse, etc. Don’t be annoyed. Their job is to take care of you and your new little gift, let them.

4. You are charged for all the stuff that is under the baby in the hospital bassinet! I didn’t know this the first time. However, the second time around, I took everything I could, including diapers, blankets, nasal aspirator (AKA “The Boogie Sucker”), the water jug, etc. If I am paying for it, I am taking it!

5. You might be modest before you go into the hospital, but it is a good idea to shed it before you check in. Everyone comes to check your “Belly” every hour or so, no shame left at all! Don’t be embarrassed, they do this everyday. In addition, their job is to take care of you and your little one on the way, so let them!

6. Although things can get pretty uncomfortable, it all melts away once you see your baby. All the pain is worth it when you hear your baby’s first cry and hold them for the first time.

7. Try not to have expectations when you go into the hospital to deliver. Don’t have your mind set on having/not having an epidural, giving birth naturally, having a c-section, etc. Remember, it doesn’t matter how the baby gets here, as long as it’s healthy.

8. I wish I had known to tell friends not to come to the hospital – you are there such a short time and you need all the sleep and help from the nurses you can get!!!! You’ll have the rest of your lives to show off your new addition.

9. Use the nurses for all the knowledge that they have. Nurses do this everyday, all day. Therefore, use them for their knowledge. Ask them to show you how to correctly change the babies diaper, give them a bath and feed them. Even if this is not your first child, get a “refresher” course. If there is something that you forget to ask, call them!

10. If you are nursing, ask to meet with a lactation nurse. These nurses specialize in making both mommy and baby successful in breast-feeding. In addition, you may want to ask for some breast shields to take home with you. If you are not nursing, as the nurses the best way to help you feel comfortable when your milk comes in and drying up.

About the Author
Amy Cummings is currently a stay at home mom who takes care of her two daughters. Amy is a special education teacher by trade. She created the “Knot Me” which helps eliminate knots and bald spots from riding in the car seat or stroller. They are available at In addition, Amy sells gourmet soy candles and soaps. Visit her website at

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8 Comments on "Top 10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Going to Delivery"

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7 years 10 months ago
Yes it DOES matter how the baby gets here. A healthy baby and a healthy mother are not mutually exclusive – you don’t get one at the expense of the other. I’m tired of people taking the attitude that people should be able to cut you open from throat to vagina and that’s okay as long as you get a healthy baby. Moms need to be at their best to be able to take care of their babies and if they’re traumatized because they were treated and/or handled like a side of beef. Further, birth plans are perfectly acceptable as… Read more »
8 years 19 days ago

awesome advice thanxs for it all!

8 years 2 months ago
I also agree with what is said about number 7. For any first time moms, make sure you have a plan for how you want your labor and delivery to go. Keep in mind that things change, unexpected things happen and you are allowed to change your mind as well!!! But just know that if you don’t keep to your original plans that it is alright – birth is not easy and sometimes it takes you by surprise on how things can go. I’m 2 weeks from my 3rd – surprise can happen so just be flexible about your ideas… Read more »
8 years 3 months ago
I also think that number 7 should also be worded differently. Women are allowed to have an idea/vision of how they would like things to be bar any complications. This includes whether or not they want any pain medication, which medication they want, and what they would prefer to do in certain situations if there is no medical emergency. While I agree it’s not a good idea to expect things to be exactly one way, as birth is not a process over which you always have control, it’s ok to have a birth plan for an uncomplicated labor. Just be… Read more »
8 years 6 months ago

good advice =)

8 years 7 months ago

The wording of number 7 is questionable. It is completely reasonable to go in with birth plan expectations in the absence of complications, especially if you have done your homework and prepared your mind and body. That said, you should go in flexible enough to realize some things are required in the case of an emergency.

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9 years 11 months ago

im 26weeks pregnat and a Banker, i dont get much rest will it affect my baby growing. i want to know

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