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Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Choosing The Right Foods

By Beverley Brooke

There are many things that you can do to improve your diet and ensure that you gain a minimal but healthy amount of weight during pregnancy.

Choosing the right foods is important because you will be able to loose weight more quickly after delivery if you manage your diet during pregnancy.

So here is what you need to do during pregnancy to ensure weight loss success after you have your baby:

Tip #1
Choose whole foods. Whole foods are foods that are dense in nutrients. Think wild rice, whole grains, and unprocessed foods. Whole foods don’t include waffles and pancakes!

Tip #2
Add calories during the second trimester. Eating for two doesn’t literally mean eating for two. In fact during your first trimester your baby is about the size of a small bean! Most women don’t actually need to start adding 300 calories a day to their diet until the second and third trimesters.

Tip #3
Be sure you get a serving of protein, carbohydrate and fat at every meal. It will help you if you break your meals into six mini meals per day. This will help rev up your metabolism. Next be sure that you eat some protein, carbohydrate and fat at each mini meal session. This will help nourish your body more completely and help prevent cravings later in the day.

Tip #4
Choose foods high in fiber. High fiber foods will help fill you up when you are ravenous during pregnancy, and they will also help relieve constipation and help you feel great! A high fiber diet is good for anyone, whether or not they are pregnant.

Tip #5
Drink extra water. You’ll be thirstier than normal anyway during pregnancy. Drinking water helps flush toxins from your system and helps prevent excessive edema. Believe it or not you can actually fight weight gain associated with edema if you drink more water!

Remember that pregnancy is a short period of time in the long journey that is your life. You should enjoy every moment of it. By following the tips above, you can gain the right amount of weight and feel great throughout your pregnancy.

About the Author
Article by Beverley Brooke, author of How To Ensure A Safe, Healthy Pregnancy And Lose Weight After Pregnancy. Visit her site for more on

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7 Comments on "Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Choosing The Right Foods"

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[…] weight in the first trimester, but you may feel hungrier than usual. To keep weight in check, maintain a healthy diet and eat lots of foods high in fiber, which are filling and will also help alleviate constipation. […]

8 years 5 months ago

This was a great article to read. Very informational yet still easy to understand. Im pregnant with my first child and need to learn a lot!

8 years 6 months ago

Thanks a lot for all these information, it helps a lot!!!!

[…] much weight in the first trimester, but you may feel hungrier than usual. To keep weight in check, maintain a healthy diet and eat lots of foods high in fiber, which are filling and will also help alleviate constipation. […]

Linda Malukutu
10 years 1 month ago

Well indeed its a good article to read and learn alot more on top of what one already has.

Water is very vital and i discovered that in my 8weeks barely drunk water…. i really felt like lossing it BUT the moment i took water i felt much more alive and no sicklish feeling.

10 years 3 months ago

it is realy a good article to’s easy to understand.

ophelia begay
10 years 4 months ago

i found out water is so impotant while u are prangnant. i’m glad i read about it becsue i didn’t really understand it till now.

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