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Baby Scrapbook Ideas

by Andrea SteedThere are a million things that you want to remember about your baby, most of which can easily be recorded in a scrapbook. Below are some ideas for facts to document, things to write about, and photos to take when creating a baby’s “First Year” scrapbook album. While it’s certainly not an extensive list, it might give you some ideas for things to write down and photograph as your child grows.

Facts to Document
Weight at birth
Length at birth
Color of eyes
Color of hair
Doctor’s name
Time of birth
How long you were in labor
First smile
First time they rolled over
First time they crawled
First time they sat up
First steps
First bath
Favorite songs
Favorite bedtime stories
Favorite toys
Gifts received
Price of gas, houses, cars, etc at date of birth
Family Tree

Things to Write About
What does their name mean?
Were they named after anyone?
How long did you stay in the hospital?
Who was present at the hospital?
What did they eat?
Did they sleep through the night?
How did they react around people?
Did they cry often?
What entertained them as babies?
What was their first “outing” like?
How old were they the first time they had a babysitter?
Where did they sleep?
Did they suck their thumb?
Did they use a pacifier?

Photos to Take
Document growth by taking monthly photos of your baby next to a large stuffed animal
Photos of their nursery
Photo of the house you live in
Photos with mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, and other family members
Sleeping baby photos
Bath photos
Photos with favorite toys
Photos each day of their first month
Any “firsts” you can capture
Happy and not-so-happy moments
Black and white photos
Facial expressions
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About the Author
Andrea Steed is the author and creator of
Scrap Tutor, a web site and CD-ROM that teaches you how to create scrapbooks and how to perform many popular techniques used in scrapbooking. For more information, visit

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