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If He Can Grab It He Will Pull It

Sometime around three months your baby will probably realize that he can grab things and hold onto them. It could be the blanket you are covering him with, a rattle, his pacifier, or another toy. It could also be your hair, your necklace, your dangling earrings or daddy’s tie. This milestone is a great one, […]

Napping Your Baby

Not only can it be difficult to get your baby on a night time sleep schedule, but many people worry about the daytime sleep schedule as well. Some babies love to nap and go down easily without many problems for mom and dad. Other babies and toddlers fight naptime making it a very stressful and […]

Choosing Age Appropriate Baby Toys

by Jennifer D. Kirkpatrick Toys do more than just keep babies entertained – they’re extremely important for their mental, physical, intellectual and social development. They are the tools that teach baby about their world and their place in it. They add excitement to learning about life, how things work and how to get along with […]

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