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Pros and Cons of Cord Blood Banking

If cord-blood banking is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it? Well for one it’s expensive and it isn’t a routine hospital procedure. It is something you have to choose and plan for ahead of time. You need to be sure you consider your decision carefully before delivery day. Here are some pros and cons […]

What Is Cord Blood Banking?

Cord blood banking is the collection and storage of stem cells taken from the blood of the umbilical cord after the birth of a child. The process requires a special kit that expecting parents can order from the cord-blood bank of their choice. The kit will include everything the doctors or midwives need to collect […]

Cord Blood Banking

The big day has arrived, your contractions are minutes apart, and you’re on your way to the hospital. The idea of finally getting to hold your perfect baby in your arms helps you through the contractions. Already your mind is dancing with visions of your baby’s future — first smile, first tooth, first word, first […]

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