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Questions To Ask When Considering Cord Blood Preservation For Your Baby

By Brent N. Davidson, M.D. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby. It’s an exciting time and you probably have a lot on your mind anticipating the arrival of your new baby. It’s also a time that presents an opportunity to do something extraordinary for your baby and your family – the opportunity to […]

Value and Purpose of Labor Support

By Cami Nettekoven There are numerous benefits of a Birth Doula. Studies have shown that having a Doula may greatly reduce the percentages of medical intervention. The relationship between Doula and the family is one of respect and comfort. The relationship starts during pregnancy, where the trust is formed. Information is gathered, education is obtained […]

The Art of Inductions

When you first find out you are pregnant, you may immediately start envisioning the perfect labor and child birth. You will be at home, your water will break, contractions will start, you will show up at the hospital, have a quick labor and delivery, and then your baby will be born! However, most of the […]

Surviving a C-Section

by Lee-Anne Robert After 42 weeks of pregnancy, two days of undergoing inducement and physical stress on the baby, my daughter was delivered via an emergency C-section. Oh, it was music to my ears when my gynecologist arrived in my hospital room at 4:30 a.m. and told me they were going to do an emergency […]

Phases and Stages of Labor

There are three main phases and stages of labor that you will hear referred to quite often when it comes time to deliver your baby. However, there is no reason to wait until you are in labor to learn about these phases and stages, what they involve, and what you should be doing during each […]

Natural Birth: Giving Birth with Lamaze and More!

By Danielle GoodnightFor today’s mother, methods for natural birth include so much more than Lamaze class! The Lamaze method of natural child birth is probably the most recognized name in methods for giving birth, but mothers-to-be wishing to prepare for a natural birth have so many programs to choose from. To find a great child […]

Last Minute Things to Do

Once you hit the last month of pregnancy you should have almost all of the supplies and furniture you need for your baby. If you are having a nursery, you probably have it already decorated and set up. But don’t forget the other things you’ll need for going and coming home from the hospital! Hospital […]

Five Things You Should Know About Your Pregnancy & Birth

by Christine Ramos Not much else changes your life in so many ways as having a child does. Pregnancy and childbirth are life altering events for women and their involved partners. Many women enter their birthing facility as a private and reserved individual only to succumb later to the throes of labor and literally let […]

False Labor

You are nine months pregnant. Your belly is huge, you are uncomfortable, you are ready for your baby to come, and voilà! Almost as if you willed it, you feel a contraction. Is this it? Are you in labor? Or is your body just teasing you, letting you hope, just to end up going to […]

Episiotomy vs. Tearing

If you are planning on a vaginal birth,whether or not to have an episiotomy is an important decision to consider. While all women know that child birth is painful, the thought of having her vaginal area cut or torn is very frightening. It is best to know all the options available before labor begins, so […]

Episiotomy…Do You Really Need One?

By Heather HillIf you’re like me when I was pregnant, you are probably being bombarded with information. Between reading and getting so much advice about everything from what to feed your baby to which diaper cream to use, you might find that you have more questions than answers. You are also probably wondering about what […]


Engagement is a term that many mothers hear their doctors or midwives use late in the third trimester, although some moms-to-be are unsure of what it means. Technically engagement is the term used when the baby enters the pelvis to prepare for delivery. This engagement may occur around 36 or 37 weeks for a first-time […]

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