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On The Go: Crawling

The easiest time for parents during the first year of life has to be when their baby is laughing and smiling, able to respond to them, sit up, roll over, but not go anywhere yet. Once your baby is on the go and can crawl, life becomes much more “difficult” in many ways.   Your […]

Milestones: 4-12 Months

During this time your baby will learn to do all kinds of new and exciting things. There is no set time when your baby will start as all babies are different and complete tasks at their own rate. At your baby’s next well-check though if you are concerned you can take this list to your […]

Baby Proofing Your Home

The time to baby proof comes way too fast for most families. One day you are pregnant, and the next day you are worried about stairways and electrical outlets. How can time fly by so fast? There are many details to remember when it comes to baby proofing your home and many times there are […]

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