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Why You Should Visit

Surf on into the World Wide Web and visit Water is being saved as you read. Also, trees are being planted, wasteful junk mail is being stopped, and kids’ ID kits are being created. Basically, it’s an all around cool site. has been featured in Business Week, Ok! Magazine and the Oakland Tribune. […]

Plant a Tree for your new Baby

As most people know, planting trees is a wonderful way to help the environment since trees produce oxygen which everyone on earth breathes to stay alive. Planting trees also help stop the effects of global warming. There are also plenty of other more exciting reasons to plant trees. Planting a tree is a great way […]

What is Pre-Cycling?

Just as your fixed up the nursery and baby-proofed your house recently, you probably wish you could do the same thing for the whole earth and make it a utopia for your perfect baby. Pre-cycling is a way to help the planet and ensure that your infant and later perhaps grandchildren have a wonderful place […]

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