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Episiotomy vs. Tearing

If you are planning on a vaginal birth,whether or not to have an episiotomy is an important decision to consider. While all women know that child birth is painful, the thought of having her vaginal area cut or torn is very frightening. It is best to know all the options available before labor begins, so […]

Episiotomy…Do You Really Need One?

By Heather HillIf you’re like me when I was pregnant, you are probably being bombarded with information. Between reading and getting so much advice about everything from what to feed your baby to which diaper cream to use, you might find that you have more questions than answers. You are also probably wondering about what […]

Birth Plans: Why and How to Create One

Birth plans have become the next “big thing” for pregnant women who decide that they want to maintain some control in the labor and delivery of their unborn child, as well as in the post-partum care both she and her baby receive in the hospital. Some people do not know how to create a birth […]

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