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Coping With Your Baby’s Colic

By Margaret Tye A new baby with colic is one of the most difficult problems a new parent has to cope with. Most new parents are under pressure trying to deal with a new routine and lack of sleep, the added burden of a crying infant you seem powerless to help can be overwhelming. The […]

Weathering Colic for New Parents

by Jason Rickard A common problem many times facing parents is Colic. Estimates say that between 15-25% of infants are born with Colic. Although it is not believed to effect a baby’s development it is still a struggle for parents to cope with. Babies with colic most often cry for several hours at a time […]

Has Colic Invaded Your Home?

You spent nine months anxiously anticipating the birth of your baby and all the joy he would bring to your home. You went through labor and delivery, held your baby for the first time, and gazed into his eyes thinking that there was never anything he could do that would bring tears to your eyes. […]

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