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False Labor

You are nine months pregnant. Your belly is huge, you are uncomfortable, you are ready for your baby to come, and voil√†! Almost as if you willed it, you feel a contraction. Is this it? Are you in labor? Or is your body just teasing you, letting you hope, just to end up going to […]

The Research, Findings, and Benefits Of Baby Sign Language

By Jackie Durnin From all the studies conducted in this field the benefits of introducing your baby to sign language are vast. Baby sign language Can empower your baby to communicate with those around them before they are able to speak.¬† This means that your baby may be able to communicate what they want when […]

Baby Signs – Truth or Fiction?

By Dave Poon Babies learn our language in a very different and perhaps progressive manner. Initially, they hear sounds and form them into patterns. They might even notice different syllables. They also have an innate perception for tone, which can convey and show feeling and emotion of the speaker. But the ability to communicate simply […]

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