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Most recent articles tagged with "hair"

Pregnancy and Old Wives Tales

There are so many old wives tales floating around during pregnancy that it is hard to know fact from fiction, except in the case where the tale is really off the wall. You will probably hear strange things from your grandmother regarding what you should and shouldn’t do. While your grandmother probably believed this when […]

Fighting the Pregnancy Blahs

by Lee-Anne Robert Every pregnant woman has experienced the pregnancy blahs. I can remember feeling so big and unattractive throughout my two pregnancies, and secretly wishing for the pregnancy to be over so that I could have my body back and fit into my normal clothes. It’s sad to say, really, because pregnancy is such […]

Laser Hair Removal and Pregnancy

By Alli RossOften times, the hormones produced during pregnancy can produce hair on your face and arms. If you are experiencing an increase in overall hair growth, it is due to the amplified production of various hormones in your body. Usually, this extra hair shows up on your face: above the lip and on the […]

Preparing Your Baby’s First Photo Album (creative ideas for what to include)

Between family members, friends, and the photos that you snap yourself, you’ll certainly have an abundance of pictures to go through, organize and select for preparing your baby’s first photo album. Maybe you received a beautiful, hand-made book at your shower or have chosen one on your own, but whichever the case, you’ll want to […]

If He Can Grab It He Will Pull It

Sometime around three months your baby will probably realize that he can grab things and hold onto them. It could be the blanket you are covering him with, a rattle, his pacifier, or another toy. It could also be your hair, your necklace, your dangling earrings or daddy’s tie. This milestone is a great one, […]


Babies who are born premature, or even slightly early may have a thin white hair covering their body and face. This hair is called lanugo, and normally falls off before or shortly after delivery of full term babies. Lanugo is the name for the hair that grows on the body that is lacking fat, in […]

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