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Babies Online has several thousand articles pertaining to Jesus. While you can find our most recent articles listed below, we can't possibly post them all on one page! Help us give you the information you want by searching our site, blog, and forums below ...

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Where Have All The Wise Men Gone? Jesus Is Not Acceptable For Christmas!

by Jan McCracken It’s CHRISTmas! Where are the wise men? WOW – The wise men are MISSING! What kind of Christmas is this anyway? Are you caught up in the “season” with this Christmas thing? Do YOU know where the wise men are? For over 200 years we have celebrated Christmas and all of the […]

Good Friday And Easter

By CD Mohatta Jesus died on the cross. Jesus was nailed on the cross. Yes, He was nailed. How many of you have taken injection shots? Do you remember the feeling of pain that comes with a very thin needle? That also is taken away within few seconds. Now imagine getting hit with a nail […]

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