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Premature Labor

Going into labor prematurely is a fear many pregnant women feel, especially those who have faced premature labor before. Premature labor is defined as labor that starts between the 20th week of pregnancy, when the cervix to begins opening earlier than it should. There are many signs of premature labor. If caught early enough most […]

The Connection Between Mercury and Premature Births

Pregnant women often hear from their family and friends, “Don’t eat fish!” Many women don’t have all the facts relating to the possible dangers of eating fish during pregnancy or that it is safe to eat amounts of certain fish causing harm to their babies. The danger in eating fish comes from ingesting too much […]


A woman’s prenatal appointments generally start off all the same. Your carer will weigh you, ask you for a urine sample and take your blood pressure. For most women these things are routine and the results of them are never discussed. However occasionally they can forewarn your doctor or midwife that there might be a […]

NICU: A Place for Sick Babies

One of the biggest fears of all expectant parents is there baby being born and ending up having to go to the neonatal intensive care unit. It can be very hard for parents to deal with the fact that their newborn has ended up in the NICU, when they had been preparing to have the […]

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