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My Experience with Pre-Term Labor

By Judy Shaw Pregnancy is such an incredible experience in a woman’s life. My experience was incredible in an unsettling way. While I was pregnant with my first child I felt wonderful for the first six months. I was always on the go and loved watching my belly grow. Then suddenly at 24 weeks, I […]

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Most pregnant women experience these sometimes irritating “contractions”, and are unsure if they really contractions if they normal, and if they are dangerous? These are questions that many women ask as their pregnancy progresses past the first trimester. In reality, Braxton Hicks contractions, named after an English doctor from the 19th Century, John Braxton Hicks, […]


A woman’s prenatal appointments generally start off all the same. Your carer will weigh you, ask you for a urine sample and take your blood pressure. For most women these things are routine and the results of them are never discussed. However occasionally they can forewarn your doctor or midwife that there might be a […]

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