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White Noise and 10 other Soothing Sounds for Calming a Colicky Infant

by Cherie Stirewalt The crying – oh, the crying. A colicky baby can really drive you to the edge. Failed attempts to soothe her crying may leave you wondering if you are cut out to be a parent after all. But, don’t worry, you are. You just need to arm yourself with some tools to […]

Colic Baby Bootcamp – Parent Survival Tips

by Cherie Stirewalt Surviving a baby with colic truly deserves an award of some sort. The relentless screaming can really drive you to the edge. Unfortunately for the parents of a colic baby, most of the focus of surviving is usually geared towards how to relieve the suffering for your baby. But, what about your […]

Wrap Adorable Baby Shower Gifts

by: Abigail Beal Are you going to a baby shower? Gifts for babies are always so cute – here are some ideas to create gift wrapping that is just as adorable as the gift you are giving. If you know the baby is expected to be a boy or a girl, sometimes it is fun […]

Tips On Planning A Surprise Baby Shower

By Brenda McLean There is nothing like seeing a surprised look on the mom-to-be! Surprise baby showers can involve a little extra work, a lot more secrecy, but they can also be a lot fun! If your party goes as planned it will offer an unexpected and delightful surprise for your expectant mom. But, before […]

Selecting a Baby Shower Theme: Easy as One Two Three

by: Adriana Copaceanu No aspect of party planning is more crucial and sometimes mind boggling to a baby shower planner than selecting the baby shower theme. There are almost too many ideas available today, and often the host of a party finds themselves suffering apoplexy at the idea of selecting a baby shower theme. A […]

Counting Down To Your Baby Shower

By Kimberly Meister Great news! Your friend is pregnant! You are excited for her and want to throw her a baby shower. But where do you begin? The following timeline will help you accomplish this task with ease. Four to Five Months Prior to the Baby’s Birth When the expectant mother is about four to […]

Here’s What to expect at a Baby Shower

by: Mike Yeager A baby shower is a great way to welcome a new child and congratulate the new mother. Many mothers appreciate the help in purchasing the items they will need for their new baby. Commonly, baby showers are given only to new mothers or mothers who have not had a child in a […]

Fun & Unique Baby Shower Favors

by: Adriana Copaceanu A baby shower is often the highlight of an expectant mother’s pregnancy. Planning a baby shower requires some thought and consideration for the expectant mother’s special event. Baby shower favors are among the items that must be considered when planning a shower. Baby shower favors do not have to be complicated to […]

Easy To Make Diaper Cakes

By Brenda McLean Are you planning a baby shower? Diaper cakes can be a creative centerpiece for your table as well as a practical gift for your expectant mom. A Diaper Cake is created out of dozens of diapers and decorated with small baby products such as combs, pacifiers, teething rings, booties and toys. The […]

Choosing a Theme for Your Shower from the Many Choices

If you are going to have a shower choosing the theme is an important step in the planning process. You don’t have to have a theme however having one will make the party entertaining, fun, and a memorable experience. If you choose to have a theme, ask yourself what your baby shower guests would find […]

Baby Shower Themes and Ideas

A bit of advice – Contributed by: Phyllis C. Have ink pens and index cards near the exit of the party. Ask each person to write down some thoughts or advice for the mom-to-be! Comforter Creation – Contributed by: Talina J. Purchase a light, solid color comforter and get a laundry marker. Have everyone that […]

Baby Shower Recipes

Punch – Contributed by: Sarah H. 1 Large Can of Pineapple Juice 1 Large Can of Water 1 Cup of Sugar 1 Tblsp of Almond ExtractFreeze the above ingredients until slushy and then add 1 2-liter bottle of Ginger Ale (chilled) just before serving. HINT: Adding a drop or two of food coloring will make […]

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